Al Qaeda controls U.S. prisons in Iraq

* And the nutroots keep blathering on with ‘Abu Ghraib…’


In a report that aired December 21, 2007, Al-Arabiya TV examined how life in U.S. prisons in Iraq is largely controlled by Al-Qaeda members. According to the report, “some of these prisons have turned into factories for converting innocent people into extremists.” One former inmate stated, “When you enter prison, either you become one of them, or else they kill you.”

Following are excerpts from testimonies by former inmates on conditions in the prisons.

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“Some of These Prisons Have Turned into Factories for Converting Innocent People into Extremists”

Sheikh Abd Al-Jabbar Abu Risha: “The Camp Bucca prison has become a school for takfir supporters. When someone who is innocent enters the Bucca prison, he returns to us as one of the takfir supporters, as a result of his contact with them. There are several wards in that prison which oppose the takfir supporters, and the two groups are waging a war within the prison. When someone is released, he doesn’t say: ‘Thank God I am free.’ He says: ‘Thank God I am free of the takfir supporters there.'”


Narrator: “Most of the inmates know nothing about the extremist ideology. Since most of them were arrested for no good reason, Al-Qaeda has a good chance of recruiting them.”



The revolving doors of the Islamic prison system

BBC News


* Mullah Naqaibullah is reputedly a top Taleban leader

A Taleban commander in Afghanistan responsible for leading attacks on British troops says he has been freed from prison after paying a bribe.

Mullah Sorkh Naqaibullah told the BBC he paid $15,000 (£7,500) to the Afghan authorities to win his freedom.

It was the third time that the leader, known as the “Red Mullah”, had been captured and released, he said.

Mullah Naqaibullah operates in Helmand province, where there is a large concentration of British troops.


He told the BBC he had been released from custody for the third time in three years after paying a bribe to an Afghan National Directorate of Security official.

* That’s why targeted assassinations are more important than ever…


Bomber escapes Indonesian prison

From correspondents in Jakarta

A MAN jailed for 19 years for his role in a deadly 2002 bombing in Makassar in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi has escaped from prison.

“He escaped along with another inmate yesterday morning,” said Imam Suyudi, who heads the Makassar detention centre, today.

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  1. Perhaps some headway might be made if they banned the Koran in prison. But then we’ll hear the ACLU braying about how the religious rights of prisoners are being denied even though this scum shouldn’t be protected by a constitution-anyone’s constitution. After all, they technically aren’t citizens of any one nation-just a 21st century version of pirates and bandits.

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