Germany: Honor killing in reverse?

* It was only a matter of time, it just had to happen:


Housewife accused of flushing husband down toilet

Police believe the woman chopped up the man and flushed repeatedly.

Dusseldorf (dpa) – German police are hunting a housewife on murder charges after she allegedly told her children she had flushed their father down the toilet.

The man, a taxi-driver, vanished three weeks ago. Police in the western city of Dusseldorf believe the wife, 52, chopped him up and disposed of 100 kilograms of body parts in garbage bins and down the toilet.

The Muslim couple hated one another.

After her adult children asked where he was, she replied: “You’ll never find him. I’ve put him down the loo.”

Neighbours said the toilet had been flushed constantly on the night he disappeared.

The woman left Germany and was last seen in her native Macedonia, according to the police.

German police will issue an international warrant for her arrest but are aware that Macedonia does not extradite its own citizens.

Police scientists said the couple’s apartment had been energetically cleaned and repainted, but using disclosing solutions they found bloodstains in the living room, hall and bathroom. Experts are to search the sewer next.

Police voiced amazement that the husband, 58, had never reported her previous attempts to poison him or the time she seriously injured him with a hammer.


Looks like we have another ‘honor killing’ in the UK: 

UK: ‘Family turned a blind eye’ as teenage bride was beaten to death by arranged husband 

by CHRIS BROOKE / Daily Mail


Beaten to death: Sabia Rani was repeatedly attacked over a three-week period by Shazad Khan (right)


A teenage bride was beaten to death by her husband while her in-laws who shared the same house ignored her sickening ordeal, a court heard yesterday.

Sabia Rani, 19, was repeatedly attacked over a three-week period, suffering bruising over 90% of her body and ‘catastrophic’ injuries usually only seen in car crash victims.

The ‘vulnerable’ teenager, who had arrived five months earlier from Pakistan for the arranged marriage, required emergency treatment in a hospital intensive care unit, the jury at Leeds Crown Court heard.

 But not only did four members of her husband’s family do nothing to help her, they turned a blind eye as he continued the beatings and ultimately murdered the helpless young woman at the house they all shared, it was alleged.

The victim’s mother-in-law and a sister-in-law blamed her horrfic injuries, which included at least 15 fractures on 10 fractured ribs, on ‘evil spirits, curses and black magic.’ While two of the family allegedly lied under oath while giving evidence in husband Shazad Khan’s murder trial in a deliberate attempt to help him cheat justice, the court heard.

*  Soon coming to a theater near you… 

* None of this has anything to do with Islam, of course… 



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  1. I’d need more information to determine whether this is a case of dishonor killing.

    What a $hitty way to go, though. 🙁

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. “You’ll never find him. I’ve put him down the loo.”

    A ‘good news’ story at last, Sheik.

    Great pity that the tragic young woman, Sabia Ramia, couldn’t have done the same to her evil husband.

  3. I want a German toilet-if it can handle such a “deposit” then it can handle any other!

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