Amsterdam Mosque Wants to Establish Islamic State in Netherlands….

* The soldiers of Allah are telling Europe exactly what they plan on doing, but is anybody listening?

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Disputed Amsterdam Mosque El Tawheed wants to establish an Islamic state also in the Netherlands. The mosque apparently made that clear to the Amsterdam police after a row about hate-inciting literature.

Former commissioner Peter Slot, currently employed at the Dutch embassy in the US as liaisons officer for the police, revealed that in a conference in Washington on radical Islam. Slort spoke about a closed session he had with the mosque administration after a commotion about a book calling to throw homos off tall buildings.

The administration of El Tawheed refused to renounce it. Slot:

“they told me: ultimately our goal is an Islamic society, also in the Netherlands.”


Moroccans want Wilders prosecuted

All about a film that noone has yet seen:

Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands want Geert Wilders prosecuted for discrimination against Muslims.

* Now they’re trying the ‘racism’ thing, because everything else failed. The commies and the nutroots support the ummah, as usual:

THE HAGUE – Moroccan organisations in the Netherlands want the public prosecution department to prosecute Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders for discrimination against Muslims. If the justice department refuses, then the organisations will approach the court to force the prosecution department to take action.

Chairman of the National Moroccan Council (LBM) Mohamed Rabbae said this on Thursday, partly in response to the film on the Koran that Wilders is currently working on.

Rabbae says that the public prosecution department is hesitant to follow through on the many complaints filed against Wilders and that there is some fear of taking legal action against him. “We want to force that action,” says the former GroenLinks MP.

The public prosecution department received more than 40 complaints against Wilders after the MP called for the Koran to be banned. The justice department has not yet indicated whether the complaints will lead to prosecution.

* “Wilders is racist”- but not against a race…WTF???

The LBM, which claims to represent 200 organisations, says that Wilders is waging “racist politics” by constantly insulting Muslims and discriminating against them. “Wilders is a racist with regard to Islam. His comments are not aimed at a race, but at a religion and population group,” says Rabbae.

* Islam is not a race, but an ideology that seeks to enslave, forcibly convert or annihilate us. If Wilder’s points that out his fellow countrymen support him, he is completely within his rights. So Rabbae: STFU and enjoy the movie, or get the hell out of Holland!

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  1. Time for the Netherlanders to evict the arabs muslims from their lands and remove them forcibly back to their own original countries before it is too late for anti dutch activities and treasonous anti dutch behaviour and declarations whicha re against the state

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