Arabian Nights: Sarko sez anything for petro-dollars…

* And he left his ‘whore’ at home to comply with the wishes of his Sowdi pay masters…

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“Islam one of the Most Beautiful Civilizations the World has Known”

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor


* France is and has been bankrupt for quite some time, both financially & morally. Since the Fwench never had any morals anyway, don’t act surprised when they go for the money:

PARIS (Reuters) President Nicolas Sarkozy’s increasingly frequent and positive references to God and faith have drawn fire from critics who accuse him of violating France’s separation of church and state.

Sarkozy, a taboo-breaker whose whirlwind love life has distracted the media for weeks, broke with traditional presidential reserve about religion to stress France’s Christian roots in a speech in a Rome basilica just before Christmas.

In Riyadh on Monday, he hailed Islam as “one of the greatest and most beautiful civilisations the world has known” and described his Saudi hosts as rulers who “appeal to the basic values of Islam to combat the fundamentalism that negates them”.

His praise for a kingdom that enforces and propagates a strict version of Islam, during a visit aimed at securing lucrative export contracts, was the last straw for his critics.

“This is not respect for the separation of church and state,” Socialist opposition leader Francois Hollande said.

“This is an ideological stand that makes religion into an instrument to promote French products (such as) civilian nuclear plants for Muslim countries,” he said. “Mixing religion and foreign policy is illogical and wrong.”

Jean-Louis Debre, a leading Gaullist who is now head of the Constitutional Council, indirectly chided Sarkozy by saying the 1905 law separating church and state was a good one and that it was “opportune to make sure its balance is not upset”.



 French Muslims becoming more observant

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

* That could very well mean that they’re preparing for jihad,,,

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s Muslim minority, the largest in Europe, is becoming increasingly more observant, with more of them saying daily prayers, visiting mosques and fasting during Ramadan, a new survey said on Thursday.

This appeared to reflect in part a reaction to discrimination against Muslims in France, and a growing number of new mosques being built in the country.

Thirty-nine percent of Muslims surveyed by the polling group IFOP said they observed Islam’s five prayers daily, a steady rise from 31 percent in 1994, according to the study published in the Catholic daily La Croix.

Mosque attendance for Friday prayers has risen to 23 percent, up from 16 percent in 1994, while Ramadan observance has reached 70 percent compared to 60 percent in 1994, it said.

Drinking alcohol, which Islam forbids, has also declined to 34 percent from 39 percent in 1994, according to the survey of 537 people of Muslim origin.

There was strong progression among Muslims under 25 for both mosque attendance and Ramadan observance. “There is a general tendency among the young to reaffirm their (Islamic) identity,” Islam expert Franck Fregosi told La Croix.

He said this was partly a reaction to discrimination against France’s Muslim minority, at five million the largest in Europe: “This ‘Islam as a refuge’ can be a way to respond to an environment that is not favorable to young Muslims.”

Part of the growth could also have come because it is easier to practice Islam in France thanks to many new mosques that have been constructed over the years, he added. 


7 thoughts on “Arabian Nights: Sarko sez anything for petro-dollars…”

  1. If that’s beauty then the world needs to get ugly in a hurry.

    The air in Saudiland must have strange powers-first Bush acts stupid there, now Sarkozy.

  2. Funny,,I thought Sark was a Jew. WTF is he doing in Saudi Arabia?
    How did he get in?
    How disappointing:(

  3. He has turned out to be a disgusting little creep. When he was voted in, I had great hopes that he was the right man to combat Islam in France. Yet another quisling politician, selling his soul and country to Islam. Geert Wilders has more honour in his little toe than have the collective politicians of Eurabia.

  4. And by the way, we’re all still waiting for Sarkozy to get rid of the 751 no-go areas which are breeding grounds for crime, and drug dealing.

  5. Chirac got elected the same way, on a conservative platform…

    Here is the speech that put Chirac in power; “Les bruits et les odeurs”
    (The noises and the stinks)

    Here is Chirac speech:


    Les bruits et les odeurs….

    Comment voulez-vous, que le travailleur français qui travaille avec sa femme, et qui ensemble gagnent environ 15000 francs, qui voit sur le bas du palier à côté de son HLM, entassée, une famille, avec un père de famille, trois ou quatre épouses, et une vingtaine de gosses, et qui gagne 50000 francs de prestations sociales sans naturellement travailler, si vous ajoutez à cela le bruit et l’odeur, et bien le travailleur français, sur le palier il devient fou. Ce n’est pas être raciste que de dire cela, nous n’avons plus les moyens d’honorer le regroupement familial, et il faut enfin ouvrir le grand débat qui s’impose dans notre pays, qui est un vrai débat moral pour savoir s’il est naturel que les étrangers puissent bénéficier au même titre que les Français d’une solidarité nationale à laquelle ils ne participent pas puisqu’ils ne payent pas d’impôts. ” (Jacques Chirac, 1991)

    How can a french worker, who work with his wife and together make $3000, when he see next door
    piled up, a “family” with a guy, three or four women and two dozen brats, making $10,000
    of welfare money, without, naturally, doing anything.
    You add to that, the noises and the stink, well, the French worker, he’s going CRAZY!!!!
    This is not being a racist to say that, we cannot afford anymore to reunite those “people”.
    And we have to start debating if it is natural that foreigners could benefit same as
    Frenchmen of a national solidarity to which they do not participate since they


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