New Race Discovered!

* Chuck Berry: ‘Sailor talkin’ to me tryin to drive me up a creek, sez you can buy a gone tribe, you can pay me next week…’ (from ‘too much monkey business’)

Looks we just discovered a new race: the Turks!

If you call for ‘Turks out of Cyprus’ you are ‘racist!’


Tennis star Marcos Baghdatis


Watch the dhimmies & the politically correct wankers cringe:

DEFIANT tennis star Marcos Baghdatis, captured on film chanting offensive slogans on a party video, says he was just sticking up for his country.

Footage of the Greek Cypriot tennis star arm in arm with the alleged ringleader of a confrontation with police at the Open and chanting “Turks out of Cyprus” has ignited fury among Melbourne’s Turkish Cypriot community, with one leader calling for him to be kicked out of the country.

Australian Turkish Cypriot Cultural and Welfare Association president Hakki Suleyman accused Baghdatis of a racist attack and said he should be expelled from the Australian Open and booted out of the country.

But Baghdatis today refused to budge.

“There has been a lot of coverage of me appearing in a video on,” the tennis sensation said in a statement.

“In that video from 2007 I was supporting the interest of my country, Cyprus, while protesting against a situation that is not recognized by the United Nations.

“Now I would like to concentrate on the tournament and ask everyone to respect that. I love the Australian Open and want to do well here.”

Several clips on video-sharing website YouTube show Baghdatis at a barbecue hosted by the Hellas Fan Club after he was knocked out of last year’s Open and reportedly singing “Turks out of Cyprus”.

Premier John Brumby warned fans and players there was no room for ethnic rivalries at sport events.

“There is no place for ethnic rivalry in sport in our state,” Mr Brumby said.

“It’s one thing to get out there and support your player, but it’s another to get into the business of ethnic rivalry and there is no place, I think, in Melbourne in our sporting culture for over-zealous ethnic rivalry,” Mr Brumby.

Members of the Hellas Fan Club were at the centre of a capsicum spray row with police at the Open on Tuesday night.

Mr Suleyman said his association would write to Tennis Australia, the State Government and other organisations calling for Baghdatis to be expelled from the Australian Open and the country for abusing his position.

“When you become a professional sportsman you have to be careful about what you are saying and it doesn’t matter where you are, you are followed and it can be used against you,” he said.

* Muhammadans always knows best what’s good for us, and for sports. And politics.

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But now, lets all call in unison: Turks out of Cyprus!

* On the 20th of July 1974, Turkey launched a military invasion by air, land and sea against Cyprus

* Turkey claims it ‘had the right’ to take unilateral military action purportedly to restore constitutional order. No international body or organ has recognised this position.

* Turkey invaded Cyprus in two waves on the 20 July and 14 August occupying 37% of the island’s territory contrary to a series of UN Security Council and UN General Assembly resolutions demanding the end of all military action in Cyprus and the removal of the Turkish army from the island.

* Today, although Turkish Cypriots have full free movement and settlement rights throughout the island as citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, Greek Cypriots are still being prevented from returning to their homes and properties in the Turkish occupied areas.

* No land that has once been conquered by the Muslim army must ever be returned to the infidels…

* No land once part of dar al-Islam can ever fall under Infidel control again. The whole world belongs to Allah, and to his people, the Believers, but pride of place must go to the territories once conquered by the forces of Islam. The land on which Israel now sits, and other lands, including the Balkans, much of south-central Europe, much of Russia, most of India, and of course Spain, were once all part of dar al-Islam, and must be returned to it.

* There goes Cyprus…


Turkey drifting deeper into the Islamic morass 

Islam tells women to cover heads, says head of religious affairs office 

Islam undoubtedly requires women to cover their heads, Turkey’s head of religious affairs said yesterday in a statement that coincides with the current discussions on lifting the headscarf ban in universities.
“As long as a woman says ‘I am a Muslim,’ she should cover her head,” Professor Ali BardakoÄŸlu, president of the Religious Affairs Directorate, said in an interview with the private NTV channel.

“Discussions on the necessity of wearing headscarves or head coverings are of a legal and political nature. In religious terms, there is no doubt that they should,” he said, adding that Islamic rules, dating back centuries, are unalterable.

“Politicians may forbid or allow the wearing of headscarves,” BardakoÄŸlu said. “It is not my duty to tell them what to do,” he added. “Whether Muslim women abide by the rule is up to their will,” BardakoÄŸlu said, noting that the headscarf dispute can be solved with dialogue between political parties.

6 thoughts on “New Race Discovered!”

  1. Sheik, that’s not Bagdatis. I Think it might be the leader of the Hellas club?

    (Big Aussie Open tennis fan,lol!)
    I am hoping Bagdatis will do really well. He has a great attitude to the game.

  2. Turks out of Cyprus and Turks out of Constantinople! Ask any Greek what they think of the Ottomans 400+ years occupation of their homeland, the birthplace of democracy. The Byzantines had been under siege for a considerable period of time, and the day Constantinople fell in 1453, thousands of nuns were raped then slaughtered; Sultan Mehmet 11 chose to rape the 14 year old son of the priest, then had his family beheaded in front of him. The candles for the last mass in Hagia Sophia (before it became a mosque) were extinguished with the severed heads of babies.

  3. Friends of Cyprus based in the UK has a policy to remove foreign troops from Cyprus. This is not racist. But there is a problem about the English we all use. When Marcos Baghdatis asked from Turks to be removed from Cyprus, it is in the context of both a military occupation which also affects Turkish Cypriots, and a policy which allows people to come from Turkey, a very large country, and settle in northern Cyprus to take on citizenship. This is against the Geneva Conventions as Turkish Cypriots also point out. Perhaps those Turkish Cypriots who are speaking out against Baghdatis, who looks very like a Turkish Cypriot I know, as do many Cypriots who share their DNA resemble each other, are stuck in the language of the past when Cypriots were only Turks or Greeks never citizens of Cyprus. In Cyprus it is important to distinguish between Turks and Turkish Cypriots, and no Greek Cypriot is asking to remove Turkish Cypriots. There are Cypriots today who love their country and realise that only together can they save it from being permanently divided, with a total loss of their beautiful environment. If you want to get away from nationalistic non solutions to constructive engagement, do read our Reports or contact us at And good luck to Marcos not only because he is a Cypriot, which he is, but because it is great to watch him play tennis.

  4. Mary, I’m afraid this is not a matter for Turkish Cypriots to decide. Northern Cyprus has been overrun by the ummah, by the soldiers of Allah, to expand the territory of Islam, and given a chance they will do it again. This is not something for individuals to prattle about, but an ideology of conquest and subjugation that must be destroyed.

  5. I hate the umma as much if not more than anyone,
    but we are putting fiction ahead of facts here and
    Stalinist big lies for truth.

    Makarios and Nicos Sampsons where communist terrorists
    that conducted massive massacres following the KGB orders
    until the Turk (NON-MUSLIM ANTI-COMMUNIST) military had enough and invaded
    with the blessing of all free nations and condemnation of the
    marxist-leninist controlled United Nations!

    The Greek Cypriots at the times where on the Empire of Evil’s side!!!

    Sure, time have changed and the Greeks, seeing that Russia did
    not lift a finger for them, came to their senses and came over to us.

    The secular Turkish military’s days also are numbered, but they are still friendly with us
    and Israel, the only outpost of civilization in those parts.

    The day the Turkish army get massacred like that of the Shah’s of Iran was,
    then we can take Cyprus away from the Turk’s hands.

    But Cyprus partition was the price to pay for choosing terror
    over civilization…Cypriots behaved just like jihadists
    and they got treated as such.

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