Australia: Diversity Gestapo & Multiculti-prop in Kindergartens

From the “Who Are the Brain-Police” Department:


No problem with Barbie…


But this is not the face of Australia…


A TAXPAYER funded program suggests Barbie may be Italian and asks whether she likes Spider-Man in a bizarre bid to tackle racism in childcare centres.

The ‘Exploring Multiculturalism, Anti-Bias and Social Justice in Children’s Services’ project is funded by the Federal Government and put out by Children’s Services Central, a network of children service bodies in NSW.

Designed to assist early childcare workers in NSW, the document gives advice on dealing with racism.

It comes after The Daily Telegraph revealed the State Government has funded an anti-racism program in a NSW pre-school for the first time.

The pilot scheme at the Auburn Long Day Care Centre involves teaching children the national anthems of different countries and celebrating ethnic festivals such as Chinese New Year and Muslim holidays.

In contrast, the wacky teaching resource uses the Cronulla riots as a case study in an anti-racism lesson entitled “All the Lebs Are Bad Guys”.

Excerpts from another lesson relays a conversation about Barbie’s ethnic origins between a group of young children from different cultural backgrounds.

* Check out the title they gave this Far Left pop-tart:


A spokeswoman for

“federal Early Childhood Parliamentary Secretary”

Maxine McKew did not comment on whether the Government would consider withdrawing the resource.

* Maxine could not be contacted to confirm that her multiculti-diversity policies were also implemented in Muslim schools….


Muslims ‘lay siege to Australian hospital’

Dhimmi Watch


After the death of a young Muslim man in a car crash in Sydney last month, an Islamic crowd invaded a hospital in order to stop medical tests being carried out on the body in contravention of Sharia law, according to the Dhimmi Watch website.

If the report is true, then this is another example of a global campaign by fundamentalist Muslims to replace civil law by Sharia – a process that has already taken root in British cities.

The Australian story is quite extraordinary – though, as Dhimmi Watch points out, it is based on an anonymous report. I’d be interested if anyone can stand it up. Here are some extracts from the story. Bear in mind that, according to Islamic custom, a body must be buried within 24 hours of death.

The antecedent to the Muslim incursion on the Hospital came about on Monday the 17 December last, when a young Muslim male was airlifted to the Liverpool Hospital’s emergency ward by helicopter. The 19-year-old had been in a serious car accident, his car left the road and crashed into a tree … he died of his injuries, and it seems he and his hijab-wearing girl friend had been celebrating the end of Ramadan.

Read it all

New crop of Jihadis is ‘set to step up’


A NEW crop of home-grown jihadis, groomed to step up and replace the leaders of Australian terror cells who have been arrested or jailed, is almost “mature” enough to launch an operation, an international terror expert has warned.

The warning came after the release of figures showing the Australian Federal Police had 76 new counter-terrorism cases to investigate in the past financial year. At June 30 last year, the AFP had 83 cases being examined by its counter-terrorism team.

The latest so-called network of militant extremists has been steadily evolving and its members are almost ready to take over from their predecessors, according to Rohan Gunaratna, international terrorism expert and the author of Inside al-Qa’ida.

Dr Gunaratna said the home-grown terror suspects had been under investigation by Australian law enforcement agencies for some time. The new networks were very similar in “character and composition” to those that had been disrupted by law enforcement agencies.

“Law enforcement has only peeled back one layer of jihadis,” he said. “The second rung is maturing and ripe for another operation, possibly in the coming months.”

Intelligence sources say they are aware of the new threats, but deny there is any evidence that the groups may be close to planning an attack in Australia.

The AFP yesterday declined to comment on Dr Gunaratna’s warnings.

AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty and NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione have revealed that they are investigating new terrorist threats, particularly in NSW.

Statistics in the latest AFP annual report show that in 2006-07, they had 76 new counter-terrorism cases, they finalised another 83 cases and at June 2006 they had a total of 83 open cases.



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  1. Ah, the joys of multiCULTuralism. If this wonderful child of PC never was born the West would be in much better shape today. We would have a lot less Koranists in our midst and they wouldn’t be squawking for special rights, rioting and being a pain in the rear in general.
    Want proof? Look at the East-Korea, Japan, China don’t have multiculturalism. And for the most part they don’t have headaches with Islamania either. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  2. * Muslims ‘lay siege to Australian hospital’

    I still can’t find any mainstream reference to this, which is not to say it isn’t true, as it
    fits the pattern of similar “swarm” events that Gramfan & 1389 have noted, but there
    is no mention of the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter airlifting a crash victim to
    Liverpool Hospital on 17th December 2007.


    Still sniffing around.

  3. Ooops, that is the northern region based in Lismore, so obviously doesn’t serve Liverpool.
    Still sniffing.

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