Austria: Massive Death Threats Against Susanne Winter For Calling Muhammad a Warlord & Pedophile

Death threat against FPÖ politician justifies her attack on Islam

Update on this story here:

FPÖ General Secretary Harald Vilimsky said Wednesday that the Islamic death threat against Graz FPÖ politician Susanne Winter had justified her Sunday attack on Islam.

Winter had claimed at the FPÖ’s New Year’s meeting in Graz six days before the municipal election there that the prophet Mohammed had been “a child molester” and written the Koran during “epileptic fits.”

* Doctor Winter must be reading ‘Winds of Jihad’

A death threat against Winter claiming to be from European Al-Qaeda appeared on the internet on Monday. The head of her party’s list in the January 20 municipal election, she has subsequently received protection from members of the elite Cobra security force.

* There are lots of death threats against her in the comments on youtube…

Vilimsky added that the FPÖ was awaiting “a clear response” to the death threat from Austrian President Heinz Fischer and SPÖ Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer.

The party general secretary declared that he would not distance himself from Winter’s remarks and that Austria needed a tougher policy against radical Islam.

* Not ‘radical’ Islam. Just Islam….

Vilimsky called for additional security measures such as mandatory identification of each passport holder’s religion in the holder’s travel document, fingerprint data for persons with an Islamic background and creation of a special unit in the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution and the Fight against Terrorism to combat terrorism.

* Randomly selected youtube comment:


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ach susanne winter deine ganze verwandschaft soll verrecken!! zwar bin ich nicht so überzeugter moslem aber das ist schwer beleidigend!! und unempört!!! du wurdest sicher mal von einem moslem gefickt und im stich gellasen!! daher der hass du schlam¨¨¨¨
ich wünsche dir einen langsamen und qualvollen tod für deine aussage

* Translation:

‘All your relatives shall die! I’m not a believing Moslem but I am heavily insulted! and enraged! you will be f*kced by a Moslem and left behind! you full of hate, you slut! I want you to die slowy and painfully for your talk..!

12 thoughts on “Austria: Massive Death Threats Against Susanne Winter For Calling Muhammad a Warlord & Pedophile”

  1. I figure if a muslim finds out who I am I will be next on the list. I value my neck every day since I know that I say it quite often that he was not only a pediphile – but a murderer, torturer, enslaver, kidnapper, thief and a liar.

  2. Let me see,

    Can’t tell the truth about mohammed, can’t tell lies about mohammed, can’t make fun of mohammed, can’t draw pictures of mohammed, surely it would be better if mohammed never existed……

    Whoops, did I say that?

  3. I just looked up epilepsy and here is what it says about siezures, ‘The way a seizure manifests itself may vary from person to person. For example, your senses may briefly stop working, or you may lose muscle control and your body may twitch or jerk. Some people become trancelike (stare off into space), unconscious, or have convulsions. A combination of seizures is also possible.’

    hhmmm, this sounds like a possibility. It would account for his ‘visions’. Since it could be caused by ‘head injury, brain tumor, brain infection, or stroke’ this could happen at any time during one’s life.

    It also says this about the siezures: ‘Some people become trancelike (stare off into space), unconscious, or have convulsions’

    We will never know, but this sounds like she might have a good guess. Mohammed was not known in his younger life to be a bad guy. Something changed though in his later years and this physical condition along with the ridicule from others about his new ‘religion’ could have just been the ‘fertile soil’ for the beginnings of islam.

  4. We all know she is correct. Next job is spreading the truth. Not going to be easy judging by our MSM and gutless leaders.

  5. * Didn’t take long, did it?

    IFL, they were a bit slow off the mark … looks like this happened late last year, but
    Mo’s followers might have been occupied with the Eids of December, stoning their god
    the devil in Maccas, tooling up for peaceful inner struggle etc etc.

  6. Why are they so upset? the fact that the inventor of Islam was a pirate, thief, warlord and pedophile par excellence is beyond dispute. You can read all about the Messenger of Satan in the Islamic sources themselves, I mean, gosh, they have so much to boast about, they should be proud to be following such a manly man.

  7. Mullah L-they might be slow, but they’ll make up for lost time in a hurry. I wonder if we’ll be treated to Rage Boy or his cousins demonstrating tomorrow after mosque?

    Gramfan-Welcome back!

  8. Why do muslems even want to live in White Christian countries ?? Why? It says in the koran that they shall not live in the lands of infidels. So they are going against the wishes of this prophet guy they call mohammed. They should respect him if they so believe in him by going back to the middle east where they belong. Its that simple.

    Did you know 5% of people in Denmark are living off the State Welfare system. Of that 5% a massive 40% are muslims. Thats a Fact. I think this speaks volumes as to why they want to live in Freezing Cold Europa.

    Free Money and they don’t have to work. Thats the Reality !! Governments lie to you when they play this down. Facts are facts.

    Prince Eugen and King Sobierski sincerely know that the idiots in Brussels in their self important EU Gravy train have got rocks in their heads. Europe is self destructing because of these traitors to European Christian Values and more so *OUR* European Heritage. Has anyone else noticed how the EU Puppet Masters are undermining the traditional European Christian Churches.. hmmm


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