He Must Be On Drugs!

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The Shame Of Groveling For $100 Oil

Investor’s Business Daily weighs in on President Bush’s visit to the religious apartheid kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The Shame Of Groveling For $100 Oil.


Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali Naimi, laughing (in our face?).


In an unseemly act of desperation during his first visit to Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, President Bush openly pleaded with King Abdullah to help raise OPEC production and tame energy prices.

“It would be helpful,” Bush suggested, noting that $100-a-barrel oil could tip the U.S. economy into recession. His plea was summarily rebuffed. “We will raise production when the market justifies it,” the Saudi oil minister sniffed.

Adding to the humiliation, Bush just hours earlier delivered a major arms sale to the oil-rich kingdom. The $20 billion package, which Congress must approve, includes 900 smart-bomb kits that will lend Saudi highly accurate targeting abilities that could threaten Israel.

All the begging and bribing only proved Saudi Arabia still has us over a barrel of oil — and in the cross hairs of Islamic extremists, we might add.

Despite rhetoric about our so-called ally’s cooperation in the war on terror, it’s still teaching anti-Western hatred in its textbooks and schools, still spreading radical Wahhabism to our shores, still freeing terrorists, still giving immunity to al-Qaida financiers such as Yasin Kadi, and still allowing clerics to rally Saudi’s sons to join the al-Qaida insurgents in Iraq.

In fact, Saudi nationals account for the largest share of foreign al-Qaida fighters in Iraq, according to a study released by the U.S. Military Academy. Of the foreign terrorists entering Iraq between August 2006 and August 2007, 41% were Saudi citizens, and most of them were students. They had signed up to be suicide bombers, just like the 15 young Saudi men who attacked America.

Not much has changed in Saudi Arabia over the past six years. Only now, it’s richer than ever, flush with petrodollars that are helping finance the jihad. Which means Americans are helping finance their own destruction every time they go to the pumps.

Given this chain of events — the bigger bankrolling of jihad, along with a looming recession — the mind boggles that our government’s only recourse is to genuflect before oil sheiks.

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  1. In 1961 JFK said the goal of the US was to put a man on the moon by 1970. This was accomplished a year early (although I really have my doubts it ever happened-especially when we see how government works these days). Now we need a similar statement regarding getting off foreign oil-get us off it by 2010. I suspect this would be easier to accomplish than a lunar mission-we just need someone with the will to get it done. Bush has become a simpering idiot-I find myself more and more agreeing with the Anarchist (er, Democrat) party’s view of this clown. I don’t see much difference anymore whether he or Kerry or Gore were president-none of these loser have guts or the will to get us off foreign oil.

  2. Well, Bush isn’t alone. Too many Republicans have lost their gonads. While the Democrats cater, the Republicans quiver. And don’t kid yourself – the Democrats are just as much in bed with the saudis as anyone else.

    Rudy was my man because I thought he would have what it takes but it seems he might not be a candidate.

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