"The Suicide of Reason"

Ayaan Ali Hirsi reviews Lee Harris’ book: “The Suicide of Reason”


* Several authors have published books on radical Islam’s threat to the West since that shocking morning in September six years ago. With “The Suicide of Reason,” Lee Harris joins their ranks. But he distinguishes himself by going further than most of his counterparts: he considers the very worst possibility — the destruction of the West by radical Islam. There is a sense of urgency in his writing, a desire to shake awake the leaders of the West, to confront them with their failure to understand that they are engaged in a war with an adversary who fights by the law of the jungle.

* Our worship of reason is making us easy prey for a ruthless, unscrupulous and extremely aggressive predator and may be contributing to a slow cultural “suicide.”

* “Wherever Islam has spread, there has occurred a total and revolutionary transformation in the culture of those conquered or converted.”


* Harris does not regard Islamic fanaticism as a deviancy or a madness that affects a few Muslims and terrifies many. Instead he argues that fanaticism is the basic principle in Islam. “The Muslims are, from an early age, indoctrinated into a shaming code that demands a fanatical rejection of anything that threatens to subvert the supremacy of Islam,” he writes. During the years that this shaming code is instilled into children, the collective is emphasized above the individual and his freedoms. A good Muslim must forsake all: his property, family, children, even life for the sake of Islam. Boys in particular are taught to be dominating and merciless, which has the effect of creating a society of holy warriors.

* By contrast, the West has cultivated an ethos of individualism, reason and tolerance, and an elaborate system in which every actor, from the individual to the nation-state, seeks to resolve conflict through words. The entire system is built on the idea of self-interest. This ethos rejects fanaticism. The alpha male is pacified and groomed to study hard, find a good job and plan prudently for retirement: “While we in America are drugging our alpha boys with Ritalin,” Harris writes, “the Muslims are doing everything in their power to encourage their alpha boys to be tough, aggressive and ruthless.”

* This is must read


An “Apostate” Speaks     

By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Abul Kasem, an ex-Muslim who is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam. He was a contributor to the book Leaving Islam – Apostates Speak Out as well as to Beyond Jihad: Critical Views From Inside Islam.



* Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has collected data and pictures of many of the victims of ‘honor killings’ by their own families, mostly their brothers and fathers, but in some cases also their mothers.


Amina & Sarah Said


Hatin Surucu Germany

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4 thoughts on “"The Suicide of Reason"”

  1. I agree with Lee Harris. After reading 50-60 books on some aspect of islam – mohammed’s life, ME history, koran and still blogging it on jihadwatch.org – I think we are going to have a very, big problem. Why? Because there are so many that are chosing to stay ignorant and continue this political correctness in regards to islam. They totally fall for the insistence that the image of islam cannot be tarnished while ignoring jihad – the jihad that is more insidious than the violent jihad – the peaceful jihad that happens before the violent jihad and chaos happens.

    if people would read the history of Lebanon (a small microcosm of what is happening worldwide), or Eastern Europe, or are able to put one and one together as to what is happening in europe – we might have a chance. I am not even asking people to read the jihads that swept through the ME, India, southeast Asia – heaven forbid that I ask people to get off their behinds and see what is happening.

    I don’t want to be a muslim, I don’t want any of my relatives to be a muslim and I don’t want to see anyone dead, or subjugated, because they don’t want to be a muslim.

    I think that Europe will indeed fall. They have a hotbed of jihadists in Eastern Europe and it seems I know geography better than they do – Eastern Europe is a spit away from Europe – it is only a land border and I don’t think there are any number of guards that are worth anything guarding the borders. If they depend on NATO – I would rather depend on my dead grandmother to beat back the hordes than NATO.

    Oh well, I could go on. We have a very, big problem and this presidential election with so many looking to Obama just makes me sick to my stomach. To a muslim, he is a muslim – and what matters is what is in their minds. And I would lay down money that if he gets elected – the muslims will dance and ulalate in the streets. That is why no calling of a fatwa against him because he is an apostate. They are holding their breaths to see if he gets elected. And our children and so many others, are being inundated by the Universities paid by saudis to smooth over islam to them, being brainwashed.

  2. Will Europe submit? Good question.

    The resistance is building and gaining momentum. Europe has shown remarkable resilience in the past, and not everyone is ignorant of history. I worry more about the US, where people seem to be much more ignorant and naive when it comes to Islam. The new age religion of political correctness and ‘why can’t we all just get along’ allows Muhammedanism to spread like wildfire. But then again, America has the first and second amendment, which hopefully is enough to pull the bridges up.

    We shall see. Enoch Powell was right predicting ‘Rivers of Blood..”

  3. Developments in the US are indeed worrisome-since 9/11 the Koranists have made demand upon demand and people have tripped over themselves to accomodate those demands (prayer rooms, foot basins, etc.). Hell, for Eid the Empire State Building was lit up in green-this in the city that suffered the worst attack from Islamania just six years earlier. In Minnesota people are proud of Keith Ellison-the first Koranist in Congress-because it shows how well multiculturalism and diversity work. Bush keeps trying to midwife the birth of Palestine and celebrates Ramadam as if he were named Ahmed rather than George. Now we have Obamamania. All these things are dismaying to say the least but nobody gives a damn. We will need something worse than 9/11 to wake Americans from their slumber-and even then I’m not so sure it’ll happen. Over 40 years of PC has created a real life “invasion of the Body Snatchers” and it will probably take at least 40 years to reverse that disaster.

  4. Given that the EU has erased the borders between Germany and the former Eastern Bloc countries, I’d think the Europeans are going to washed away in an Islamic tidal wave. Those former Soviet satellites are still recovering from 60+ years of communist rule, there is no way they are going to have the resource to maintain borders, which means they will become the new pipeline into the heart of Europe. And if Turkey become a member of the E.U, that will be final nail in the coffin of Christian Europe.

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