Jihad against the bloggers!

A Million Muslim Petition to Intimidate PalTalk anti-Islam chat room

Comment by Jerry Gordon


“Muhammadanism? My ass…!!!” 

* Just to cheer you up!


Our colleague Joseph Shahda has uncovered in his monitoring of the terrorist websites a real shocker. On the Ekhlaas terrorist website there is a petition drive to give an anti-Muslim and anti-Islam chat room over at PalTalk the heave ho. Not just any petition drive, but one that calls for a million Jihadis to deluge PalTalk.com in Manhattan to get them to drop the suspect chat room. The Ekhlaas website alleges that PalTalk told them to get one million signatures and they would close the offending forum down. We consider this outrageous submission to cultural Jihad. It might be useful to identify what chat room it is and send PalTalk a counter ACT petition suggesting that they keep up the anti-Muslim and Islam forum under US Constitutional free speech rules. What this amounts to is intimidation by electronic Jihadis flexing their muscle via their mouse pads. It also implies that they have economic power vis a vis the revenues that PalTalk collects from hosting such forums and participant fees. Write us and tell us what you think should be done to expose this, other than, of course, shutting down the Ekhlaas terrorist website hosted by HiVelocity in Tampa.

By Joseph Shahda

On January 6 2008 the Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the largest terrorist forum on the internet, posted a thread asking the members of the forum to sign a petition to be sent to Paltalk.com asking them to shut down a chat room that they accuse of being anti-Muslim. The Petition is basically telling PalTalk to shut down the chat room because it is against Muslims and Islam. This is a link to the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/Steyr/petition.html

The big irony is that the petitioners and PalTalk seem not to care about several Islamic terrorist chat rooms on PalTalk that spread terrorist propaganda, violent terrorist materials, recruit people for Jihad, teach them how to conduct terrorist acts, teach them to hate anyone who disagree with their 7th century sharia, and conduct live interviews with Al Qaeda terrorists the latest one occurred only few days ago. The most dangerous terrorist chat room on Paltalk is called “Al Ansarr Ansar Al Mougahedeen”

According to Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the Muslim activists were able to gather over one million signatures for the petition to close the PalTalk chat room that they claim to be anti-Muslim. According to the terrorist forum PalTalk told the petitioners to gather one million signature and they will shut the room that they are asking to be shut.

This is bad news. Time for you to get involved!


Charles Johnson half-pregnant again:

UK to Prosecute Blogger for Criticizing Islam


In an absolute travesty of justice, a British blogger who uses the name Lionheart is apparently going to be prosecuted for “stirring up racial hatred”—in other words, for railing against Islam: Britain’s Prosecution of The Blogger Lionheart for Criticism of Islam.

There is a good reason why America’s founders strictly limited the government’s power to regulate speech. Modern Britain is an object lesson in the Orwellian consequences of failing to do so, and the inevitable abuse of power that results.

UPDATE at 1/7/08 10:43:47 am:

Konservo notes that Lionheart is a supporter of the neo-fascist British National Party, which leads me to state clearly that by posting about the case, I am not supporting what Lionheart says on his blog—just his right to say it.

* Talk is cheap, Charles. Its action that counts.

As with my position on Vlaams Belang and other European neo-fascist parties, I want nothing to do with the BNP. But criminalizing speech is exactly the wrong way to handle them.

* We saw how you feel about free speech when you booted everyone off your blog who differed with your ‘white supremacist-fascist Nazi’ hysteria.

* What you call ‘neo-fascist’ is just about the only movement that does anything at all about the Islamization of Europe, so you’re supporting exactly nothing, Charles.


Meanwhile, MPACUK pepares for jihad in the UK:


Islam is not a passive religion. It requires active participation.

It is the basic responsibility of every Muslim to practice, preach, establish what is good and defend against what is bad.

Moreover, it is the religious duty of every Muslim to defend against all forms of tyranny and injustice, however significant or insignificant they may be.

It is every Muslim’s duty to ensure the establishment of just and representative governments and to wage jihad for it. This is so injustice and tyranny are eradicated and are replaced with justice and security.

* Translation: ‘just and representative governments and to wage jihad for it’- means an Islamic state under the sharia for which jihad must be fought by any means including terrorism.


The Glory of Sharia

Cross Amputation

With doctors watching, the convicted men’s right hands and left feet were amputated. Traditionally, the right hand is amputated for a first serious offense and the left foot for a second serious offense. The right hand-left foot amputation is referred to as “cross amputation.”

* click on the above link for more


The Multiculti failure and the ‘no-go’ zones

Why the Bishop of Rochester is right about ‘no-go’ areas for non-muslims in Britain

By MANZOOR MOGHAL, chairman of the Muslim Forum –


Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali’s warning that Islamic extremism is creating ‘no-go’ areas in parts of Britain has provoked a predictable barrage of outrage.
He has been condemned for making ‘inflammatory’ remarks, distorting the truth about our inner cities and ‘scaremongering’ against the Muslim population.

Read it all


Few politicians have been willing to question the impact of a growing Muslim population’

Multiculturalism is breeding intolerance

By Philip Johnston


The multiculturalists coined an insult – Islamophobia – to try to close down the debate. Some of them yesterday accused the bishop of “scaremongering”.

The recent immigration of more than half a million eastern Europeans has delighted Roman Catholic leaders whose churches were full to bursting over Christmas.

But they share an historic and religious heritage. The issue that Bishop Nazir-Ali raised has more to do with our failure to integrate Muslims because our political elites were in thrall to what he called “the novel philosophy of multiculturalism”.

* ‘We didn’t fail to integrate Muslims’- we failed in that we allowed large numbers of Muhammedan infil-traitors who hate us, who wish us harm and are religiously and ideologically obliged to fight, to defeat, to subjugate and kill us and themselves in the process of making the world Islamic. That is the crux of the bisquit and the realization of that fact will lead, in the words of Enoch Powell, to ‘Rivers of Blood’ in our streets…



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  1. There is a problem with that petition. The signatures are bogus made up ones. Like:


    and on and on.

    Anyone could come up with that pile of crap.

  2. The entire infidel world needs to be declared a no-go zone for the Koranists.

    As for that petition, I’m sure a lot of dead people signed it-I doubt there are 1 million Koranists in this world capable of writing their name since studying the Koran is the only worthy thing to learn by jihadist reckoning.

  3. It’s called human rights, when a Muslim immigrates it’s not infiltration, it’s moving to a new country. Muslims are just badly represented by idiots, and so sorry, they can’t live up to your high, non-Muslim expectations.

  4. oh and in response to the intelligent individual, Muslamundunya, it’s ignorant tribal countries in the middle east that don’t educate their people, not Muslims. Culture is a bigger deal in the Middle east, a much bigger deal than Islam.

  5. Why every frustrated Anti’Islamist should PROVE their weaknesses.
    Each one POSSESSES his own single body as an INDIVIDUAL self,
    Each one has his or her own body part for himself or herself,i don’t understand why ONE should make their innermost sicknesses virtual by portraying the EVIL side of HIM/HER.
    Living in a society of technological atmosphere,we should be depicting respect for humanity and how we could civilize our selves and not try to bring down each other like WILD ANIMALS who have no free WILL.
    Whatever be the RELIGION.

  6. This might be your chance to draw your last breath, l.o.i. :


    [According to White, if another Israel-Hezbollah war breaks out it will not resemble the war of the summer of 2006, but will cover much of Lebanon and Israel, and probably also Syria, and is likely to also draw in Iran, involve major military operations, cause significant casualties among combatants and civilians, and destroy infrastructure. ]

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