British Jewish group will hire a Muslim adviser to develop religious and cultural sensitivity programs

* That’ll fix it!

Muslim adviser sought for Britain’s Jewish schools

* It must be something they put in the water over in Olde England:

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The Board of Deputies of British Jews took the step as part of the Shared Futures project, which aims to promote respect for diversity and deepen understanding between communities and schools through a range of programs for Jewish and Muslim schools. The programs will enable interaction between Jewish and Muslim students through participation in hands-on projects.


* Cultural Sensitivity Training in Gaza


The Shared Futures program will help Britain’s 120 Jewish schools comply with government requirements on promoting community cohesion in state-funded religious schools.

There are more than 130 Muslim schools in Britain, as well as Hindu, Sikh and Greek Orthodox Schools. The project also hopes to involve the 2,500 Roman Catholic schools throughout Britain.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is the first organization in Britain to launch a program that will engage with all faith groups.

* Are there are also plans to hire Jewish rabbis to do ‘sensitivity training’ in Muslim schools, …NOT!!! What were you thinking???!!!



* Yes, there are no homosexuals in Iran either. And Ahmedinjihad -who is a good Muslim, is not allowed to lie because lying is forbidden in Islam, right?


Brown the unelected

GORDON Brown risked accusations of being deluded yesterday by declaring there are no “no-go areas” for non-Muslims in Britain.
The Prime Minister dismissed fears raised by the Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, that Islamic extremists are cutting off many communities.

The leading cleric has also argued that Government multi-cultural policies are fostering racial separation and undermining Britain’s Christian heritage.

But Mr Brown brushed aside the concerns as he answered a question from the Daily Express at his monthly press conference.

His claim is bound to provoke accusations that he is out of touch with the experience of many people.

By Macer Hall, Political Editor


‘We don’t have Homosexuals in Iran’ Flashback


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  1. Ah yes – McBroon. No ‘no-go’ areas for him because when he goes anywhere he’s accompanied by an army of cops. For the rest of us though …

    He’s not deluded – this is what he is:

  2. Did this Jewish group attend the Iranian Holocaust denial festival run by its President Monkeyman too?

    Always make the victims more sensitive to the pain caused by the oppressors-this is the new way of thinking in the age of PC.

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