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* Heil Appeasement!

* Of all the double-dealing turds in empty suits in once Great Britain, Jack Straw stands out: a socialist who sold his ass and his country down the road for the Muhammadan vote, who recently tried to pull the plug on the burka, is now backstabbing the judiciary for doing what he failed to see through: to not only ban this Mummenschantz, but to make it an offence to wear this masquerade in public.

Hypocrite Straw reprimands magistrate who walked out of court due to veiled Muslim defendant

Jack Straw was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after censuring a magistrate who refused to deal with a case in which a Muslim woman wore a face veil.
The Justice Secretary issued a formal reprimand to Ian Murray even though Mr Straw himself famously asks women to remove their veils in his constituency office.

Mr Straw said in October 2006 that veils were “a statement of separation and difference”.

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, a West Yorkshire constituency with a strong Muslim presence, said:

“He is a complete hypocrite.”

Jack Straw tells everyone that he will ask anyone who wears a veil to remove it, then he turns round and disciplines someone for following his line.


“People are fed up to the back teeth with continual concessions to minority groups, in particular in the courts.”

In his role as Lord Chancellor and head of the legal system, Mr Straw yesterday backed an order that Mr Murray should go for further training and guidance in court procedure.

* Did you get that? The judge who demanded from a criminal Muhammadan female that she show her face in court.  She refused to do so in contempt of court, upon which the judge left . Instead of enforcing the law this upright judge is now being reprimanded and humiliated with ‘sensitivity’ training BS by the egregious hypocrite Jack Straw who rides on the Muslim vote. 


* Now that’s what you call a scumbag make that 2 scumbags!

Source Daily Mail

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  1. * From the ‘wankers & flakes’ department

    If that is not flakey enough, how about the Board of Deputies of British Jews hiring a Muslim to develop religious and cultural sensitivity programs. “Never again”?

    Muslim adviser sought for Britain’s Jewish schools

    A British Jewish group will hire a Muslim adviser to develop religious and cultural sensitivity programs. […]

  2. All they will do is use a different excuse to bomb. Muslims have more excuses than all the beaches in the world have grains of sand.

    Basically, it is either conversion, death or acceptance of subjugation (dhimmitude) and until they realize what islam is all about – they will be bombed.

  3. El Greco

    we won’t fire al-jack because he’s a member of a dhimmi goverment, led by al-gordo the unelected and they never fire their bastards. so the only chance we have is the next time we have an election, or if, they manage to do away with elections…we have an uprising!

    and don’t hold to much hope for the conservatives or liberals, they’re just as dhimmi, their responses to Bishop Nazir Ali’s recent comments prove.

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