Bunglawussi Derailment Watch


* The comical mouthpiece of the MCB, the ‘Mister Bean’ look-alike Iniyat Bunglawussi of the ‘ancient rulings’, brazenly denies on his aptly named blog ‘Islamophobia Watch’ (comments off!) that there are ‘no-go-zones’ in Britain which are taken over by the soldiers of Allah, places where native Brits no longer dare venture. In his latest blob entry he publishes a letter to the Telegraph, which he hopes will be published. In typical Islamofascist fashion, he denies the obvious and tells us that Bishop Nazir has no case:

“The fact is that the good Bishop provided no evidence whatsoever to back up his highly inflammatory assertion. Which areas in our country was he thinking of? He did not say and that is surely totally unacceptable. There is absolutely no credible research that bears out his alarming claim. “

The Bungla, on the same blob entry, includes a link to the Daily Mail where interested readers can vote:

Does Britain have no-go areas for non-Muslims?

1 No 18%

2 Yes 82%

Thank you for voting.

* Me thinks this shot backfired, what say you?

Curiously, that link is now removed from the Bunglawussi blob.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world:


Bungla’s co-religionists welcome Bush with the usual song & dance:

Flag burnings & ‘Death to America’

* Thanks to Weasel Zippers

GAZA CITY (AFP) Thousands of members of the radical Islamic Jihad marched through Gaza City on Tuesday, shouting “death to Israel and America” in protest at US President George W. Bush’s Middle East tour.

“Bush, you will never halt the march of Islam or the march of the Palestinian people,” Jihad leader Abdullah al-Shami said in an address to protesters on the eve of Bush’s arrival in Israel.

The Palestinians “are sworn to God to fight… for the liberation of Palestine in its entirety… and we will uproot the enemy entity,” he said, referring to Israel.

The angry crowds chanted “Death, death, to America and Israel” as they burned American and Israeli flags in the streets.

Hundreds of other Palestinians in Gaza had earlier protested at Bush’s visit while calling for international pressure on Israel to end punishing sanctions and military strikes aimed at stemming near daily rocket-fire from the increasingly isolated territory.

Protesters waved large pictures of Bush and Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with the word “Terrorist” written under them.

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  1. I would not call Bush and Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “Terrorists” , but I would call them traitors

  2. Bungholio disproves Satan Khomeini’s “no humor in Islam” line every day. Too bad his dense mind can’t comprehend just how ironically funny he really is.

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