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* The comical mouthpiece of the MCB, the ‘Mr. Bean’ look-alike Inyat Bunglawala, is a long time Muhammadan agit-prop who calls stoning and beheading under sharia ‘ancient rulings’- not that he would ever support such barbarity in the UK, his chosen asylum,- but ‘who are we to judge?’

(The latter is my favorite moonbat phrase…)


The Bunglawussi plays every register of Islamo-prop and a regular look at his website, aptly named ‘Islamophobia Watch’-, confirms that the earth is flat and the sun sets in a murky pond. All our ailments can be cured with camel urine and the blessings of the sharia will cure us all, if only we’d submit…


Bunglawussy and his bedfellow’s: crackpots, rabid commies & racist Islamofascists

* The opposition must be vilified:


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Neocon in Black Face

By senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The story of a young, pretty, African woman finding success and prestige in a foreign land was tailor made for Hollywood, or for right-wingers looking for the perfect person to excuse government sponsored mass murder…. She has become well paid and famous because she demonizes her fellow Muslims. As with black Americans or any other group of despised people, the self haters, the Uncle Toms, are given a clear path to fortune and favor.”

* “She has become well paid and famous because she demonizes her fellow Muslims.”

* Ali believes that the United States has the right to occupy other nations or kill people whenever it wants.”

* “She is the worst kind of extremist, a lover of government sponsored mass murder.”


“Dangerous nonsense from Bishop of Rochester”

“The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, is peddling more dangerous nonsense in the Sunday Telegraph today.”

* Actually, the Bishop just repeated what Abu Izzadeen claimed long ago:


“John Reid should not come to a Muslim area, we do not want to see him.” — UK jihadist Abu Izzadeen, September 2006. The “Muslim area” in question, in which Britain’s Home Secretary was not welcome, was East London.

But now, 15 months later, we learn that to suggest that some Muslims hold such attitudes, and that unbelievers may be unwelcome and unsafe in some Muslim areas, is a demonstration of “hatred.” None of these Muslim leaders, continuing their consistent pattern of total evasion of responsibility, say anything like, “The bishop has a point. We need to integrate more,” or “We need to be careful not to make non-Muslims feel unwelcome in predominantly Muslim areas,” or anything similar. It’s all his fault.



* You can watch the Bunglawussi derailment here, its worth a look:

Muslims undermine ‘the very fabric of the nation’ claims Torygraph columnist

It has taken a long time to happen, but at last an authoritative and senior establishment figure has pointed to the elephant in the room. However, few politicians have been willing to do what Michael Nazir-Ali has done, which is to question the impact of a growing Muslim population upon the very fabric of the nation, turning it within half a century into a multi-faith and multicultural land….


‘At last a trumpet blast against the creeping Islamification of Britain’

Yes, the Bishop of Rochester’s remarks have produced yet another scaremongering anti-Muslim headline in the Daily Express. And readers are invited to participate in a telephone poll on the question: “Are you fed up with the fanatics changing Britain?”

Christian Peoples Alliance defends bishop over Islam comments

Cllr Craig commended the Bishop as “courageous” for highlighting the “deliberate creation of Muslim enclaves by radical Islamists in Britain”. “Of course the Bishop will get attacked by ostriches who hide their heads in the sand and hope the problem will go away,” said Cllr Craig.

The CPA leader has spearheaded a lengthy campaign against the building of a giant mosque next to the London Olympics site in east London by the controversial Tablighi Jamaat group.

“Mega-mosque promoters Tablighi Jamaat have just such a track record of creating a Muslim enclave around their current UK headquarters mosque in the Saville Town area of Dewsbury in West Yorkshire,” said Cllr Craig. “Muslim superiority and separatism is what Tablighi Jamaat preach, and Muslim ghettos are often the result. That’s why we don’t want the Tablighi Jamaat mega-mosque in our diverse east London where social cohesion and integration are highly valued.”

* All this resistance worries the Bungla.

* Does it worry you too?

Let us know. Here you can comment. On the Bungla-site you cannot: ‘Comments Off’


British Orwellian Reality Watch:


The religion of hate, child abuse, mass murder, misogyny and criminal insanity promotes itself as ‘proud Muslims’ and ‘Islam is Peace’ at a cost of ten million pounds…


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