Clitman update:

You gotta hand it to this guy: anyone else with his record would have gone hiding in a cave, never to be seen or heard of again. But Willie Clitman is shameless. Since he was voted out of office he wrote a couple of self-aggrandizing bullshit books and now he’s trying to sneak back into the white house on his wife’s ticket. He collected tens of millions of dollars from his Arab ‘friends’ and keeps whoring along with a chutzpah that is unprecedented.


* Check him out here: Illustrated PIG


San Jose: Guns, Bombs & Stolen Cars, 140 Nabbed

Well, due to the politically correct muzzling in the media we don’t know yet whether this is jihad related or not, but we can always take the post down if its not. But it sure sounds as if Muhammad & Abdullah had a part in it: