The Camden Madrassah

* From a Muslim site:


* Piers Akerman’s blog entry on the Camden Madrassah is going into overdrive:

* presently it stands at 721, surprisingly most of the posters seem well informed and won’t be taken for a ride; here’s one of the latest posts:

Multiculturalism is a Trojan horse exploited by cynical Islamists to spread their cancerous medieval legalism. In practice, multiculturalism is a form of apartheid, which is corroding the social cohesion of established local communities throughout the so-called Western world. It is foisted on ordinary men and women by cynical self-indulgent elitist wankers who are more concerned with claiming the “moral high ground” than they are with the future of their own race.

So Camden, with ~400 muslim residents (or 0.8% against a statewide 2.6%), has been targeted by the fabulously well-to-do and deliberately mysterious Quranic Society (with ex-Lord Mayoral mouthpiece) for a 1200-pupil madrassa. The locals, pre-determined by prejudiced cynics to take the blame for any ‘racist’ events, have been threatened with jihadist violence (on this very blog), and are told by their councillors that it is a ‘planning’ issue only. As in ‘traffic’, not ‘meeting local requirements’.

* Right. It seems that ‘environmental concerns’ are the only defense in the war on Islam-terror. Whatever….


4 thoughts on “The Camden Madrassah”

  1. Also, goofy looking hats…..I guess that would keep them from putting the ball-cap bill over the back of the neck, HUH?
    Gangstas……….take notice.
    These kids cant even were their pants down around their thighs……..

  2. Akerman probably doesn’t know what hit him. Good that he has highlighted this story.

    I recognized a few familiar Bolt- Blair ‘bloggers.

    But as you say, Sheik, many people are catching on. A good thing too.

    If they ignore the locals it will be easy to figure out where we are headed:(

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