Dutch News: Ministries consider ban on Iranian students

Dutch News

The education ministry has confirmed that universities, colleges and research institutes have been warned to be careful when teaching Iranian nationals about nuclear technology.

A ministry spokesman told news agency ANP that a letter urging caution was sent out in September, but added that this does call for Iranian students to be banned from attending classes on nuclear technology.

The ministry’s statement follows the news earlier this week that Twente University of Technology is refusing admission to all Iranian students saying it cannot guarantee that they will not attend lectures on nuclear technology. Three students have so been excluded so far.

Eindhoven University says it will leave it up to the secret service AIVD to assess the risks on an individual basis. ‘We cannot take the responsibility,’ a spokesman told the Volkskrant.

The education ministry spokesman said that the education, foreign affairs and justice departments are currently looking at the idea of a ban on allowing Iranians to study nuclear technology in the Netherlands. The immigration service is also involved in the talks.

The immigrations service has asked for advice about several dozen students but has not yet imposed any bans, a department spokesman told the Volkskrant on Friday.

The idea of a ban comes from United Nations resolution 1737 which states Iranian nationals should not be given specialist education in nuclear technology.


* What happened to the concept of preemptive strikes?


Hajj 2007/2008 Death Toll – Almost 500


P.S.: And, of course, there were lots of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” chantings on this holy event.


Downunder: Iranian spies ‘have infiltrated Australian universities’

By ninemsn staff

Iranian students at Australian universities are being closely watched by national security authorities, amid fears some could be working as spies for Tehran.

Some of the students suspected of espionage in Sydney and Melbourne are under electronic surveillance, according to News Ltd.

Concerns about the presence of Iranian spies in Australian universities were reportedly raised by information from local Persian leaders and calls to the National Security Hotline.

State and federal authorities are believed to be keeping an especially close watch on Iranian students who are interested in becoming local residents or Australian citizens.

The Australian reports that the students are being used to spy on local community members who are outspoken against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian Government is believed to be monitoring those opposed to Mr Ahmadinejad for fear they could be providing financial support to groups fighting against his regime.

In five years the number of Iranian students in Australia has risen five-fold. Most Iranians in Australian universities are studying engineering and surveying.

According to Persian Cultural Foundation of Australia president Homer Abramian, Iran has been both sending spies to Australia to pretend to be students, and paying real students to report back on local affairs.

“The majority of the students are very nice people and from very good families … but we know that some of them are spies and they are not here just for education,” Mr Abramian said.

Most Iranian students in Australia are full-fee-paying students, while some are on Iranian Government-sponsored scholarships.


Denying Muslim Visas


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Ron Paul may be a fringe presidential candidate, but Muslim student visas is no fringe topic. It threatens homeland security, and the Republican gadfly deserves credit for raising the issue.

* How come nobody else thought of this?