Who said Islam never invented anything?

Invented and mass-produced in Turkey:


* A cup is a cup is a cup…. or is it not?

You can’t forbid people to carry a cup around with them, or can you? It would be unislamic not to have one!

* Sold and used in many places in EUrabia, especially to attack pensioners and ‘weaklings’ who stare at Muslims or who don’t know their place.

* Only Islamophobic kuffars like you would see knuckleduster’s instead of a religious  utensil….

2 thoughts on “Who said Islam never invented anything?”

  1. Brass knuckles…..a friend of my son’s was arrested for having a “Wyoming knife” in his car.
    The said knife is used in gutting deer. The police said it was brass knuckles with a blade.

  2. They actually sell brass knuckles in some magazines. What they are advertised as are ‘paper weights’. I bought one of those ‘paper weights’ in the 1980s.

    And this story doesn’t surprise me. We don’t want the poor widdle muzzie to get his widdle pinkies dirty when they beat up kufir!, especially an old kufir. It just must be hard to be a muslim – so many kufir – so many beatings to administer.

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