Franco Frattini: "Gaza siege not a war crime"

* Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Turncoat Frattini

* Go into search mode on this blog and type in ‘Franco Frattini’: you will get at least 8 blog entries which will show you that this empty suit is and has been a master of doublespeak & double dealing, backpedaling and backstabbing throughout his career, most famously when he singlehandedly “defeated” Islamic terrorism.

How? The skilled glossocrat Frattini has banned the use of the phrase Islamic terrorism: You cannot use the term ‘Islamic terrorism,’” he insisted. “People who commit suicide attacks or criminal activities on behalf of religion, Islamic religion or other religion, they abuse the name of this religion.” He now thinks we shouldn’t use the word “immigration,” either, we should talk about “mobility.”

Ynet News

Franco Frattini, with the Orwellian title ‘European Commissioner for Justice Freedom and Security’, says at Herzliya Conference that Israel has right to defend itself against Qassam rockets, expresses regret at EU treatment of Israel.

* What a relief! Lets hope he remembers it when he is back in Brussels!

A change in EU attitudes towards Israel? In a briefing to Israeli reporters Tuesday, European commissioner for Justice Freedom and Security, Franco Frattini, said that the steps leading up to the Gaza blackout cannot be construed as a war crime and criticized the incessant Qassam rocket fire on Israeli civilian population centers.

In a lecture sponsored by the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Frattini also issued a massive mea culpa to the State of Israel on behalf of the European community for its treatment of Israel during the second Intifada.

“There has been a large misunderstanding in recent years between Europe and Israel. And Israel is justified in its concerns. For too long, Europe has put too much blame on Israel for lack of peace with the Palestinians. We, as Europeans, should have understood Israel’s concerns sooner,” said Frattini.

* Right. Just wondering why we have these ‘misunderstandings’ and why it took so long?

The European official also noted that “as friends, it was our duty to criticize when we felt criticism was needed, but we did it too often and unfairly. We asked you to take risks and often we didn’t provide you with assurances that you wouldn’t stand alone if things went badly.”

* With friends like these….

Frattini continued to say that, “Europe’s attitude towards Israel is changing, and Europe better Today, Europe better understands the complexities of the Middle East landscape.”

* We shall see…

* The moment turncoat Frattini is back in Brussels he remembers none of that… 



Fueling the Gaza Jihad

By P. David Hornik

We’ve long known that Israel is not supposed to protect its citizens against terrorist attacks. All Israeli antiterror measures, from targeted killings of terror masters to rooting out the Jenin terror-haven to mere curfews and checkpoints, have been roundly and almost universally condemned. Even the most passive measure of all—building a fence to keep terrorists out—has been censured at The Hague and become a cause celebre as the “apartheid wall” among a plethora of Israel-foes.

But now, to the principle that Israel must not defend itself against terror, has been added a new principle—that Israel has to fuel (quite literally) the terror against it.



* Here, Franco: read this and stop your cowardly groveling!

Magdi Allam on Anti-Israeli Hate, Al-Azhar, and Imams in Italy


”Let everyone stop legitimizing the ideologues of the Muslim Brotherhood, beginning with Tariq Ramadan. Let the state, and local institutions, stop handing over the mosques to UCOII. the lesson we must all learn from the latest scandal emanating from the Grand Mosque of Rome, is that before accrediting any Muslim as an official interlocutor, it is necessary to make him subscribe to a declaration in which he publicly recognizes the right of Israel to exist and condemns unequivocally Palestinian terrorism.

Magdi Allam

Read it all

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  1. “He now thinks we shouldn’t use the word “immigration,” either, we should talk about “mobility.””

    The only one thinking that are him and his ilk. It is a one way ‘mobility’ because the ‘mobility’ the other way only endangers non-muslims – and who would really want to settle in those turd world nations?!

    I was surprised by the change in the views about Israel. It is about time!!

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