Winds of Jihad Cartoonist Shem went to the Ashura Festival…

…and ran out of red ink!



Denmark will be Muslim country soon!

Everything will be better in Muslim Denmark: No drugs, no crime, peace, and humanity – instead of drug culture, immorality, possibly human rights crimes and violence which we have now…

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UK Watch: 

BNP Distributes ‘Racist’ Fliers 

*  The MSM keeps muddying the waters: are they really that dumb that they can’t distinguish race from ideology or is this their last resort to smear the opponents of multiculti- diversity?

 BNP flyers circulated in Burnt Oak

By Tomasz Johnson

Racist flyers promoting the far-right British National Party have been distributed in the west of Barnet.

The flyers, which contrast scenes from 1940s Britain with three women in Islamic veils under the headline “Is this what you really want?” have been found in Burnt Oak and Colindale in recent weeks.


10 thoughts on “Winds of Jihad Cartoonist Shem went to the Ashura Festival…”

  1. After the bullshit I have seen recently at Jihad watch and LGF I am seriously thinking of quitting blogging and closing down Illustrated Pig

  2. I’ve only just found the Illustrated pig, it’s one of the very best.
    So glad to see the BNP is doing some good work, keep it up.

  3. oh my god, the nazis are coming, the nazis are coming, th- oh wait, they’re already here.

    Shiva, don’t give up mate. I’ve been slapped down by google with their content-warning page, now sometimes I get 34 visitors to my site! on a good day! I’ll be moving to a paid hosting soluction where I can have much, much more Mohammad-hating flexibility 🙂

  4. Shiva, don’t give up, & Darrin, I noticed the content warning, & no doubt the “clean feed”
    will remove all of us, but … when the going gets tough, expect it to get tougher. 🙂

    Britain warns of a growing number of young Muslim women are becoming caught up in “violent extremism” … and responds by “Empowering Muslim women” and the madness continues.
    Empowering Muslim women – Hazel Blears

  5. I am so sick of the BS “racist” charge. How stupid does a person have to be to buy into that crap?

    Shiva, don’t stop!!! The I.L.L.U.S.T.R.A.T.E.D. Pig is an important source of info for me. I really enjoy the history lessons you provide. You’re on my “visit this site daily” list.

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