'Human Rights' for Koranimals?

* Many here among us have realized long ago that our world has become seriously perverted. Just take a quick look at the utterly corrupt UN and the pathetic stooges who denounce Israel on every occasion, but who find nothing wrong with the most barbaric regimes in the Middle East, as long as the money flows.


* When Bangladesh’s Muhammedan agit-prop Irene Khan came out denouncing Gitmo as a ‘Gulag’ and the most obscure ‘human rights’ organizations (along with the big name brands) backed by myriads of shysters attacked the US-government over the perceived injustice, many of us didn’t know which way to turn. How could it be so wrong to be right?

Meanwhile, many of us have learned to our surprise that all these wonderful organizations have been underwandered, infiltrated and totally perverted from their original purpose. And the scary thing is: its across the board!

* If you’re looking for conspiracy theories, here is a start:

New Article Warns of Abuse of Power by Human Rights “Experts”

(NEW YORK — C-FAM) In the latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights, Jakob Cornides of the European Commission finds that nations have naively “handed over too much power to self-styled ‘human rights experts’” which is seriously damaging, perhaps even destroying, the credibility of the concept of human rights.


Mark Steyn knows what he’s talking about!


Same thing in France: A Cult of Denunciation

The French anti-discrimination law, like those of other countries (e.g. Belgium’s) does not speak of race but of “presumed” or “so-called race” (“prétendue race”). According to the politically-correct politicians and ideologues who wrote these bills, human races do not exist because all people are equal. If races do not exist, however, racists cannot exist either. Hence, racism has been redefined. Racists are people who discriminate on the basis of “presumed” or “so-called” race. Non-PC people realize, of course, that consequently the people prosecuted on the basis of these laws are presumed or so-called racists.

As Mr. Pince writes:
[T]he vague notion of “objective and reasonable justification” is subject to the free interpretation of the High Authority, leading to all manner of arbitrariness, and creating a permanent dilemma for administrations, enterprises, and private individuals such a landlords. In truth, this absurd law was passed at the instigation of malfeasant associations which, on the pretext of fighting racism, devote their time to persecuting ethnic Frenchmen. In the USSR, the “Minister of Security” was the incarnation of total insecurity, sending people to the gulag for a yes or a no. Likewise, the fight against discriminations covers up the institutionalization of anti-white racism in France.


French National Suicide Watch:

French protests against detention plan for illegal immigrants 

5,000 and 8,000 people demonstrated across France Saturday against new proposals to allow illegal immigrants to be detained for up to 18 months

PARIS, January 21, 2008  – Between 5,000 and 8,000 people demonstrated across France Saturday against new proposals to allow illegal immigrants to be detained for up to 18 months.

The largest single protest came in Paris, where organisers put the number
at 3,500 and police at 2,900.

Once again we see far left loonies make common cause with Muhammedan invaders: 

 Banners on the protest variously read: “Welcome to Sarko-land”, “France’s
Shame” and “25,000 Expulsions = 25,000 Crimes.”

Around 10 leftwing parliamentarians used their legislative right to visit
one detention centre, turning up at the doors of a building used to house
illegal immigrants in the Paris suburb of Mesnil-Amelot.



* Muhammadanism knows no such thing as ‘human rights’- but not to be outdone, crafty as they are, they have come up with the ‘Cairo Declaration of Human Rights’- based on the sharia.

You know what that is worth…

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  1. Beware of “‘rights activists”-they always advocate rights for losers at the expense of taxpaying, law abiding citizens. That’s why lefties and Koranists are like a hand in glove.

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