UK: The BNP Looks Better Every Day

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THE BIG LIE of our times is to deny that Islam is an intrinsically violent, aggressive and murderous ideology.

Our lords and masters repeat their PC denial of this blindingly obvious fact in various forms (‘Religion of Peace’, or ‘tiny minority of extremists’etc), in the belief that like some sort of magical spell, it will become true if recited often enough.


Supporting strands of this web of deceit include claims that Islamic aggression is a recent reaction to the sins of the West (colonialism ), or is caused by poverty (buy them off with more jizya), or is carried out by a tiny minority who misunderstand the peaceful commandments of the Koran, or, in a whopper that would be worthy of Goebbels himself – that Islamic terrorism is actually anti-Islamic, as preached by the hypocrite Jacqui Smith.
Another strand of deceit is the never-ending search for the Holy Grail – the Mythical Moderate Islam which is claimed to be the real authentic version of the Cult of Mohammed. Of course any ‘moderate’ version of Islam would have to repudiate the violent verses in the Koran, and so commit blasphemy by rejecting the Word of God. (make that Allah)
But, as public awareness of Islam grows, these repeated denials and myths parrotted by politicians begin to look increasingly absurd.

Many of us now understand the implacably aggresive nature of Islam and its polarised worldview – the tribal antagonism between Ummah and Kuffar, the territorial antagonism between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb, the overwhelming need to kill or humiliate non-Muslims, the death penalty for those who attempt to leave Islam and the obligation to totally exterminate the Jewish people.

But what else can the politicians say other than repeat the RoP mantra? The alternative would be to admit that on their watch they have allowed, and are continuing to allow, the invasion of millions of Dark-Age savages committed to a vicious totalitarian ideology which demands our death or subjugation.

So as regards telling the truth about Islam, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t! They have a choice of either staying in denial, and thus appearing to an increasingly Islamic-aware electorate to be gullible idiots and bare-faced liars, or else they must admit that they have been so incompetant as to allow a social disaster to take place that can have no outcome other than civil war.

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* Just in case you (still) have any doubts, here you have it from the horses mouth:

Thanks to Mullah

Muslims in police will rise up, Bakri insists


Moderate British Muslims in the police, Armed Forces and Civil Service will one day revolt against the system to “crush it from within”, according to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the notorious Islamic extremist.



“They can’t turn us all into criminals for having a free opinion in a free country”

Well, once again free speech is under attack from a small group of Muslim fanatics.” Pat Condell speaks here eloquently and passionately about the Steyn case in Canada and its larger implications.


Litigation Jihad in the Netherlands 


Moroccan author Mohammed Jabri has set up a committee, called Mirsab [meaning, Muhammad’s sword], which will lodge complaints against anybody who expresses disdain towards Muslims.

He says he’s aware they’ll lose many cases, but what concerns them is that one win will have a lasting effect.  “If we succeed to force jurisprudence so that people like Geert Wilders will have a harder time in the future making discriminating standpoints about us, I’m satisfied.”  

Jabri’s lawyers are ready to take action against the upcoming Geert Wilders movie about Islam. 

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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  1. 1)Mohamed’s statement that the moderates in the police force will one day rise up proves that fears of Koranists in certain positions are not paranoia but justified. He confirms what many suspect.

    2)Why isn’t a Moroccan rabble rouser deported back to Morocco? The chutzpah these Koranists display in their new countries knows no bounds.

  2. This what I’ve always said; that one day muslims in the police force, and military will rise up against Britain and other western countries.

  3. Its P”C” to be opposed to Christianity (but not Islam). If only all atheists were consistant, like Pat Condell.

  4. Koranimals…The false prophet Muhammad actually married a six year old girl…do most Muslims know this…???

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