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UK: Jihad doctors face trial in London, Glasgow terror case

Julia May, London/via Age


THE three doctors accused in relation to the failed London and Glasgow car bombings last June have been ordered to stand trial on October 2.

Sabeel Ahmed, the cousin of the Indian former Gold Coast doctor, Mohamed Haneef, appeared by video link at the Old Bailey from Belmarsh prison, in south-east London, with Bilal Abdullah and Mohammed Asha.

* The nutroots keep telling us that Mohammed Haneef was ‘innocent’- and want to give him a new visa…

The two attempted bombings, on June 29 and 30 last year, were described by Justice Calvert Smith, the presiding judge in Friday’s pre-trial hearing, as “notorious and serious”.

Abdullah and Asha have been charged with conspiring with others to cause explosions, while Ahmed is charged with withholding information relating to a terrorist act. His brother, Khalid Ahmed, died from burns sustained when he allegedly drove a Jeep Cherokee loaded with propane canisters through the doors of Glasgow Airport.

Abdullah was arrested at the scene and is believed to have been a passenger in the car.

During the pre-trial hearing, Ahmed and Abdullah initially appeared friendly, laughing and speaking quietly with one another until Asha arrived. Asha embraced Abdullah and the two men whispered throughout the hearing, but he did not acknowledge Ahmed. Ahmed is represented by the UK ‘human rights’ lawyer, Imran Khan.


* Check out the ‘Imran Khan’ link, the creep is himself an old jihad hand ‘against Islamaphobia and Racism’- you can’t make this stuff up…


Singapore detains pair who posed potential terrorist threat


SINGAPORE – Two men engaged in activities that posed a potential terrorist threat have been detained in Singapore, authorities said Thursday.
Two of the men, Muhammad Zamri Abdullah, 26, and Maksham Mohammad Shah, 26, were detained in December under Singapore’s Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial.

* No internet,-no jihad: its all our fault, right?

The ministry said Zamri picked up radical ideas through the Internet and had ‘gone overseas to join a ‘mujahedeen network’ so that he could wage armed jihad overseas and die a martyr,’ the ministry said.


Al Qaeda rocks Turkey

3 Dead, 5 Wounded, 18 Detained

In the early morning hours today, Turkish police teams conducted simultaneous raids in multiple locations in the southeastern province of Gaziantep, against suspected al Qaeda cells. In one of the houses armed clashes erupted when the suspected terrorists – a father and son – refused to surrender and opened fire on security forces. The police said the operation that began at 2:00 AM ended at Noon. In that location the two presumed al Qaeda terrorists were killed and a third person was detained.

A police officer was also killed and four others were wounded, two critically, in the operation against al Qaeda operatives that were planning a major attack in Turkey, according to security sources.

During the multiple raids 20 people were detained and arms, ammunition, explosives and lots of documents were seized.

Source: AA – Anatolian News Agency


Austria hires 2  Islamic clerics for 1000 Islamic recruits 

Austria has a history of hiring Muslim units, going back to 1918 when Austria annexed Bosnia after a short war….


A very successful undertaking, as we can see here: 


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  1. * UK: Jihad doctors face trial in London …

    Just like the (crescent) moon follows the sun, there will be more “anti-Islamic” raids
    on misunderstanders of Islam engaging in a little peaceful inner struggle … never
    fear, in the UK, the Association of Muslim Lawyers has prepared a helpful information
    guide for Muslim communities in dealing with ant-terrorism raids and arrests.

    The UK continues to fund its own destruction, & “Faith Associates” are at the forefront:

    * http://www.faithassociates.co.uk/images/terroraid%20guide%20feb%202007%20v1.4.pdf

    How to cope with the dhimmy press & public:

    1. Make clear on whose behalf the statement is being issued.
    2. Set out the Islamic perspective on acts of violence which results
    in damage or loss of lives of innocent civilians and property.
    3. Set out the local Muslim immediate response to the events e.g.
    shock, sadness etc.
    4. Set out that investigation has just commenced and ask for
    media and public to await the outcome of the investigation once
    it has been completed and not to rush to conclusions.
    5. Set out that individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a
    court of law.
    6. Ask for understanding and co-operation by the media in not
    adopting language that will stereotype the rest of the Muslim
    community and spread fear and misunderstanding in the wider
    7. Throughout your statement avoid the use of language such as
    ‘Islamic terrorists’, ‘Muslim terrorists’, ‘jihad’ etc but emphasise
    that individuals have been arrested accused of criminal
    activities and if found guilty will be sanctioned by the Criminal
    Justice system of the country accordingly.

    [etc – playbook, by the numbers]

  2. No worries. Haneef will get his visa now that we are lumbered with a Labour government. They crave the mohammedan vote. Watch the slow decline into Austrabia. Little me-too Kev will soon be me-too-ing Imam Gordon Brown.

  3. Whatever happened to the idea that doctors are supposed to save life rather than take it? Oh yeah-Koranism came into contact with that idea. Now we see doctors similar to Josef Mengele running around citing the Koran rather than Mein Kampf for moral authority.

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