Muhammad, does that offend you?

 * Just in from the Illustrated PIG


 This is offensive to you?

That’s right, it’s Mohammed the Stuffed Pig PBUH (Plush Be Upon Him), a respectful tribute to Islam’s greatest homicidal fake prophet. In many ways Prophet Mohammed Stuffed Pig Edition is a major improvement on the real thing. While he is made out of plush and will be adored by children, he won’t respond by trying to marry your 6 year old daughters because “Allah Told Him To”. This makes him child-friendly, unlike the real Mohammed, who was the whole other kind of “Child Friendly” that you don’t want around your kids. Mohammed the Stuffed Pig may cost an arm and a leg but he won’t try to chop off your arms and legs because you’re all filthy infidels, unlike the real Mohammed. Also he won’t raid and rob you, steal and kill your goats or any of the other fun activities the real Mohammed was noted for.


*  Now this offends us:  


Muhammedan atrocities on a daily basis around the world… 

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2 thoughts on “Muhammad, does that offend you?”

  1. Re: moHAMmed the stuffed pig
    ROFLMAO…had to clean my LT before responding…what’s the arabic (?) inscription on the t-shirt?…does it say allah?…if it doesn’t, please can someone photoshop it and repost?

    islam fullstop, offends me.

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