Norway: 'fighting Islamophobia is fighting terror'

Northern Lights begin to glow:

* Really! Thomas Hegghammer is an army researcher, and he’s worked it all out by himself: ‘Islamophobia causes Islamic terror’

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Thomas Hegghammer of the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt) says that Islamophobia and racism bring about a security problem. The more Norwegians hate Muslims, the more likely it will be to see Islamic violence in Norway. The more Muslims meet aggression from Norwegians, and taxi drivers have to deal with questions about Iraq and religion, the more they will become radicalized. He thinks the fear of Islam has grown in the West since Sep. 11. “It’s a problem, because Islamophobia brings discrimination that again can lead to terrorism,” says Hegghammer.

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Oslo: 34% of schools have immigrant majority

The Oslo education department published data this week about the city’s schools. Of the 51,378 students in elementary schools this year, 19,602 were immigrants, which is 38%. About 11,975 of them get separate Norwegian classes, and about 4,285 get mother tongue instruction and/or bilingual instruction, available in 23 languages

48 of the city’s 138 schools have more than 50% immigrants in their student body, which is 34%. Two years ago there were 37 such schools, seven years ago there were just 21. Five schools have more than 90% immigrants.

This data includes immigrants from Western countries. A list of the schools and percentage of immigrants is available, check Islam in Europe

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6 thoughts on “Norway: 'fighting Islamophobia is fighting terror'”

  1. Oh lovely, the Cultist of Multiculturalism are demanding we cower before their new godlings.
    Can we apply Al Gore’s and the UN’s new special carbon emission tax to this fruit loop… surely he’s idiotic statements exceeds all pollution standards of any kind.

  2. I hope Tommy keeps this in mind when that sword comes down on his neck. What an idiot!

  3. I think it means no matter what we do – ignore them and they start doing what they do to take over, demand and insist we all cater to their needs, if we don’t ignore them and find them disgusting – they will do what they do to take over, demand and insist that we cater to their needs AND they will use our disgust as just one more excuse in their arsenal of excuses. All the while the appeasers will totally cowtow to them and their excuses too.

    I think being an islamophobe is a good and healthy thing if any of us know their 1400 years of history and especially the current history since the early part of the 20th Century which blew in the growth of radicalism again.

    All islam needs is the right circumstances and people and their violence that ‘ebbs and flows’ just goes into a flow period. And the catalyst that set it off was WWII – Jew hatred. Which got smashed in Germany, but just splattered into other areas. Hitler would be proud of his muslim buddies for carrying on his hatred and for carrying on the attacks against NYC that he dreamed of doing.

  4. ” ‘ … Islamophobia brings discrimination that again can lead to terrorism,’ says Hegghammer. ”


    And it’s such a shame that all those carts are pushing all those poor horses around, too… Plus, did you know that syphilis causes spirochetes? Even more, who can deny that the flight of aircraft causes the “airfoil” shape of airplane wings?

    Does Thomas Hegghammer stop to consider that “Islamophobia” (damn stupid terminolgy; I prefer Islamo-Realism) has not developed in a vacuum? Let me explain to him: “First Mr. Hegghammer, come the jihad attacks, the beheading videos, riots about cartoons. THEN, and only then, does ‘Islamo-Realism’ and extreme skepticism about the motives of immigrant Muslims take hold.”

    We are asked to not notice the commonality of so many beastly incidents worldwide: USA 9/11, Britain 7/7, Spain 3/11, Bali 10/12, France’s “car-b-ques” and their “no-go” areas, “the restive south” of Thailand, honor killings in Britain, Germany, Canada, the USA … Gee, it seems to happen wherever Muslims immigrate to…!

    But wait, I’m forbidden by the “celebrate diversity” crowd to notice that. According to the sacrosanct “all cultures are wonderful in their own special way” philosophy, we may not, ever, criticize any practices that are peculiar to any given non-European/non-Western society. After all, even if we’re referring to a 1400-year-old “culture” that approves femicide to expunge “shame”, we have to be aware that it’s still “evolving” and treat those little peccadilloes with tender sympathy. It is intuitively obvious (according to the multi-culti mindset) that in any “culture clash”, all the clashing is done by the West. All the guilt is borne by the West. Ignore reason, ignore practicality, ignore the rights of citizens, ignore equal application of the law — it is Western society and culture that must change to accommodate the savagery and imbecility of the marauding immigrant cultures. (Gasp, did I just say that?)

    And now, outrage upon outrage, OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS take up the PC cause and declare that we shall not mention — er, certain topics which our fearless leaders are unwilling to address (lest they stir up a hornet’s nest). (Guess that means intimidation really does work — aren’t you proud there’s not one backbone among all the leaders of the West?) Britain says you can’t use “Muslim” and “terrorist” in the same sentence. The French rioters are merely “youths”. Denmark has declared that linking any societal problems with certain immigrant groups is “hate speech”. Any writer in any EU-member country who mentions crime, immigrants, welfare, riots, religion, or culture is obligated to ignore logic and carefully draw no conclusions about what common thread links any of the topics he’s discussing. America, Canada and Australia are perhaps only a step or two behind these “you are NOT permitted to say what you’re thinking” policies.

    George Orwell’s Thought Police are alive and well in 2008; and we didn’t even notice when they were unleashed on us. Read the future. What is all this accommodation and appeasement going to bring us?

  5. Reputation and racism are not the same!!! First of all, all immigrant women should be sterilized after two kids. They dont seam to have the smarts to listen to what nearly every scientist in the world is telling us: That there are TOO many people!! Immigrants have earned the reputation of being Malignant Breeders!!! This is environmental suiside for the earth!!!

    It is such a shame how the beautifully peaseful Scandinavian cultures are being destroyed by their generosity toward immigrants. They will deeply regret what they have done. Hopefully, they will do something about it before it is too late!!!!

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