The list of Churches bombed and burned in every country where Muslims are dominant is too long to list

* Attacks on churches and synagogues never ceased against the ‘people of the book’, who are supposedly protected by a covenant under the sharia. But that covenant also says that the soldiers of Allah should harass and humiliate the unbelievers continuously, ‘to bring them low’, to make them pay the jiziyah and not to allow them to take their grievances to court.

* Once Islam has gained the upper hand, the unbelievers have a bleak future. See Lebanon. See Egypt, see what the so called ‘Palistanians’ are doing to the remaining Christians in Bethlehem & Nazareth or any other place where Islam spreads. But if your not among the ‘people of the book’, your chances of remaining alive are indeed rather bleak, just look at Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Hindu’s (polytheists) and Buddhists (idol-worshipers) have been all but wiped out, their temples and statues destroyed, and in typical Muhammedan fashion replaced by mosques that have been built right on top of the ruins.

Here is a report on the constant jihad against the remaining Christians of Egypt, the Copts:

From the Sons of Apes & Pigs

Followers of the “most merciful” strike again.

With the systematic bombing attacks on churches in Iraq, attacks on churches in Egypt are still the best offerings for Allah. A devout Muslim mob attacked yesterday the Abu Fana Monastery, in the city of Malawi, province of Menia, in Upper Egypt for the second time in less than two weeks.


* The police supports the terrorists:

In a phone conversation with father Mina Abu Fana, one of the monks of the Monastery, he stated that “this attack follows a January 1, 2008, attack by a Muslim mob that kept firing on the Monastery for two hours before the police arrived. The officer in charge acted in a demeaning way towards the monks and let the attackers leave without arresting anyone or filing any charges.” He also said “the non action by the police when Christians or churches are attacked sends a signal to the fanatics that they can continue their attacks with impunity”.

And that’s exactly what happened, father Mina told us, twenty armed Muslims surrounded th monastery and forced their way inside firing on monks that were trying to defend the Monastery. One monk was injured and eight monks’ cells were destroyed. The attackers then entered the church and burned several priceless rare Coptic icons of Jesus, one of the monastery’s church doors, several Bibles and vandalized, looted and destroyed part of the church interiors.

According to Archaeologists, the Monastery of Saint Abu Fana is one of the oldest Monasteries in the world, and considered a rare archaeological treasure from the fourth century, when it was built, with priceless Icons and frescoes dating back to the same period.

Our purpose for reporting this to our readers is not just to highlight a terrorist attack by the followers of the “religion of peace” on a Monastery in Egypt. Which many in the West may consider, after all, very remote to them and away from their security or comfort zone. Viewed just as a local attack on Copts, having no effects beyond that.


But this is not the way Mohammad’s soldiers look at it. And it only proves that Westerners thinking along those lines don’t grasp the far reaching strategy of the jihadists for the sake of Allah.

You should never forget that “every” Muslim, including “moderates” talks and think always in terms of “the Islamic Umma”, which mean “the Islamic Nation”. This is not a term invented by Louis Farrakhan, but a term coined by Mohammad himself.

The other fact that you should equally remember, is the total symbioses and connectivity between jihadists all over the world. More so now, thanks to internet and the communication technological revolution, that virtually eliminated distances and empowered everyone to reach anyone at the other corner of the planet instantly.

No one more than jihadists is taking advantage of that. Besides the fact that Egypt is the home of the infamous “Muslims brotherhood” organization which have members (implanted) established in every Western country, with a big base in America let alone the world. All Sunni’s Jihadists, starting by El Qaeda and Hamas, are offshoots of the “Brotherhood”, as it is referred to.

So what all this have to do with what seems to be an isolated attack on a Monastery in Egypt? You might ask. Well, it’s only isolated to you because you don’t wear the Islamic magnifying glasses, and you don’t think in terms of “the Umma”.

Follow me.

* Read it all from the Sons of Apes & Pigs


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  1. I’m sure glad I’m “of the Book” because otherwise I’d really be worried about what the Koranists would do to me.

    I used to think being “of the Book” meant Islam respected Christians and Jews but I now know otherwise. Whether you’re of it or not the Koranists will convert or kill you-no two ways about it.

  2. Shiva, interesting question.

    If ‘The Book’ is the bible, then islamists are being hypocritical because they kill Jews and Christians.

    If ‘The Book’ is the Veda, the islamists are being hypocritical because they kill Hindus.

    If ‘The Book’ is the koran, islamists are being hypocritical because they kill muslims…….

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