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Hamas: ‘Inner Strugglers’ promise to visit the Decider in the White House

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza staged protests against George W. Bush on Wednesday, burning Bush in effigy and underscoring the deep political split with West Bank moderates who welcomed the visit of the US president as an important gesture to the Palestinians.


In the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis, about 20 masked supporters of an al-Qaida-inspired group calling itself the “Army of the Nation,” displayed weapons in a first public appearance.

The men wore black robes over black pants. Some wore red headbands with the words “death squad.”

A spokesman for the group, who only gave his nom de guerre, Abu Hafs, said Bush was “not welcome” in the Palestinian territories. “We are coming, not to Bush in Tel Aviv, but God willing to Washington,” he said.


The Decider was not available for comment.

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