5 thoughts on “The 'Decider' Who Lost It”

  1. “Decider Bush” is seeing out his term, apparently suffering from the delusion
    that he can bring peace to the Middle East … if he does, I’ll count his number.

    Meanwhile, one of his possible replacements uses the US flag with the “goat
    head” stars … 2 points up, as well as the normal 1 point up version …


    Look at the flash presentation at the bottom of the page, before it is disappeared.

  2. Bush would be better off being pictured on his knees with his head up the royal skirt sucking you know what. Because that’s what he has been doing for far too long in the figurative sense.

  3. Sarkozy is also selling arms to Saudi Arabia, as well as giving nuclear technology so that S.A. can have nuclear energy. He said that muslims have the right to have nuclear energy.

  4. This might sound strange, but I think George Bush honestly believes he is doing the right thing (trying to end “the middle east crisis”).

    I think he is probably so intent on this goal, that he has been blinded to the reality that is islam.

    Perhaps he thinks that ‘the end justifies the means’, assuming that he will succeed where no-one in history has been able to.

    I am willing to bet that there will be even more future US presidents that try (and fail) until the Real End occurs.

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