The Transformation of Britney Spears

* Britney Spears, a product of the value free society,


*  Winds of Jihad resident gynecologist  Mufti bin Mafuzz said she may not be needing a full clitorectomy since she doesn’t have a prominent clit…

Goes from this…


To this…?


* She has been self-destructive for a long time. But in this, of course, she has no idea what she’s getting into — like so many non-Muslim women in the West.


“Britney wants to marry paparazzo lover and embrace Islam,”

from ANI
London, Jan 13 (ANI): Britney Spears is planning to marry her paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib, and convert to his faith, Islam, it has been revealed.

Spears, who has been married twice before, is believed to be adamant on getting hitched with Ghalib, despite several warnings from her close friends and aides.

Shes been told it would be an act of insanity to marry this man. She says shes doing it and she doesnt give a f**k what anyone thinks, the Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.


* Terrorists: We’ll cut off head of ‘prostitute’ Britney Spears

Madonna also targeted by jihad leaders who warn of ‘spreading satanic culture’

The Committees’ Abdel-Al accused Madonna and Spears of “spreading this culture by the Americans as part of the war against Islam.”

“If these two prostitutes [Madonna and Spears] keep doing what they are doing, we of course will punish them. First we will call them to join Islam. But if they keep what they are doing … we can stone them or even we can kill them if they keep … tempting men in order to put them far from Islam. … A prostitute woman must be stoned or must be eighty times hit with a belt.”

Abdel-Al said even before Islam takes over America he would personally kill Madonna and Spears if he ran into them. He boasted he would “be the first one to cut the heads of Madonna and Britney Spears.”


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  1. I didn’t know he was a muzzie, did he take that prize shot of Britney at the top? not very muslim-like behaviour. I suppose one benefit of her becoming a muzzie is that maybe we won’t have to read about anymore of her stupidity, the downside is it might become trendy – to “fashonise” female islamic garb and unduly influence young women that “islam is hip”.

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