The Hidden War on Australia takes you inside the secretive online world of Islamic extremists with a special report on how they are using the latest technology to drive propaganda campaigns, cheering Australian troop deaths and mocking our political leaders.


Just wondering: what took the MSM so long to finally get onto this… ?



As always, the mosques play a major part in the jihad against Australia:

Natalie O’Brien | The Australian

Mosque group ‘in a line to jihad’

THE Islamic group accused of trying to seize control of Sydney’s Sefton mosque is part of a movement described as a recruiting ground for al-Qa’ida in a new terrorism intelligence report.

The group attempting the takeover has members who follow the Tablighi Jamaat stream of Islam, described this week bythe private US intelligence group Stratfor as an “indirect line to terrorism”.

Members of the Tablighi movement have recently been linked to a terrorist cell in Spain that was planning a bomb attack in Barcelona.

During a series of raids last week, Spanish police seized bomb-making materials and arrested 14 men who were said to be members of the Tablighi.

The Tablighi are influenced by a fundamentalist branch of Saudi Arabian-based Islam known as Wahabism. The sect has been linked to two July 7 London bombers, and failed shoe bomber Richard Reid is also known to have attended Tablighi meetings.



Australian police chief calls for terror case blackout 

Better late than never: but with Australia’s judiciary in lofty ivory towers, obsessed with making political statements, Keelty will need the full support of the newly elected KRudd government, which is equally lofty when it comes to holy cows like ‘human rights’ for suspected terrorists: 

CANBERRA (Reuters) – Australia’s top police officer was under fire on Wednesday over calls for a blackout on media cover of terrorism investigations and trials following the controversial arrest and release last year of an Indian doctor. 

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty late on Tuesday said the public right to be informed about terrorism investigations should come second to the ability of security forces to operate against suspects in secret.

“I am not saying public institutions be immune from public accountability…but I am saying a public discussion about them should be delayed,” Keelty told the Sydney Institute think tank.

“Not subjugated, not quashed, not silenced, just delayed until the full gamut of the judicial process has been exhausted,” Keelty said.

* Go for it mate! You deserve a ‘fair go!’ 



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  1. The war isn’t hidden-it’s more like ignored by those who have the power to end it in a resounding victory.

  2. The best place to “hide” something is often in public view, where it goes unnoticed.

    The propaganda fronts of Islam are quite active in the school system & elsewhere,
    packaging Islam as part of a “healthy lifestyle”, as in the Ramadan Awareness Campaign:
    This year, the RAC campaign is targeting health. Through our presentations to school students across NSW, we endeavor to provide information and greater insight into the implications of making healthy food and lifestyle choices, and how these choices can ultimately affect long term health and well-being.

  3. Thanks to Rudd and the ignorant voters we are now on the same odious ‘sin cojones’ (no balls) podium as Spain.

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