The Jihad Never Sleeps…

Philippines: Soldiers deployed to secure foreign Christian missionaries in Mindanao


Manila, 23 Jan. (AKI) – Foreign Christian missionaries serving in the conflict-ridden island of Mindanao in the Philippines are to be guarded by armed soldiers as the threat of kidnapping for ransom by Islamic radicals rises.

Senior Superintendent Fransisco Cristobal said that soldiers will be deployed “within shooting range” of churches and convents in mainland Mindanao and in the small islets that surround it.

“We are now initiating safety precautions to protect our local and foreign missionaries, including troop deployment plans near parishes and churches,” Cristobal said in a report on ‘Mindanews.’

He added that groups engaged in kidnap-for-ransom are still present in the province.

* Didn’t they just agree to give them autonomy, weapons training…? 



Bosnia: Mujahadeen leader Abu Hamza to be expelled


 Sarajevo, 23 Jan. (AKI) – Bosnian authorities have decided to expel a former mujahadeen fighter and veterans’ leader Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, local media reported on Wednesday.

Abu Hamza, a Syrian, was one of several thousand mujahadeen fighters who came to Bosnia from Islamic countries to fight on the side of local Muslims during 1992-1995 civil war, but many have remained in the country afterwards and were allegedly indoctrinating local youths with radical Islam.

Under international pressure, the Bosnian government has formed a special commission to re-examine the citizenships granted to thousands of foreigners during and after the war and several hundred citizenships have so far been revoked.

Hamza, who became vice-president of the mujahadeen war veterans’ organization Ansar, has led a protest against the revocation of citizenships and the expulsion of those whose citizenships have been revoked.  



Spain: Islamic community leaders  in Catalonia have called for the release of 14 South Asians  terrorists arrested at the weekend. 

They’re all  “innocent.”-Of course!

“They practiced Islam with friends and acquaintances. They have no connection with any sort of terrorism,” Afzal Ahmed, the president of the Federation of Pakistanis of Barcelona, told reporters in a press conference yesterday.

Joined by representatives of the Islamic Council of Catalonia, Ahmed criticised the way the police had handled the raid on the unauthorised prayer hall in Barcelona’s Raval district on Friday night where the 12 Pakistani and two Indian nationals were taken into custody. He noted that officers had thrown a copy of the Koran on the floor, showing a “lack of respect” for the suspects’ religion.

The suspects, who police believe were planning to carry out attacks in Spain or another West European country and who were in possession of timers and a small quantity of explosive, are due to give testimony before a judge today.

Netherlands: Wilders might have to leave the Netherlands

Just as Hirsi Ali had to flee after Van Gogh’s murder.


National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism Tjibbe Joustra has advised politician Geert Wilders that it might be a good idea for him to leave the Netherlands temporarily after the release of his film on the Koran.

This emerged from an opinion piece that the PVV (Freedom Party) leader published in the Volkskrant on Wednesday.

Wilders wonders whether he would have provoked this kind of reaction if he had made a film on the “fascist character of the Bible” rather than one about the Koran.

“Would the National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism in that case too have said to me on Thursday that it would not be ruled out that I should go abroad for some time after the film is shown?” he writes.

* Stop the planet: I wanna get off! 


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  1. Hey Geert, after you publish the film, just dye your hair to a dark brown for a few years. I say this because your haircut and color can be picked out from a mile away. Good luck and God bless you.

  2. Unbe-f•cking-leavable.. the assh*les complain about the NATURE of the arrrests rather than the NATURE of the attacks these dirtbags had planned.

    Soon we won’t be allowed to arrest these scum roaches a all..


    Too bad the Europeans are their own worst enemies!!!

  3. It is time to give Europe, U.S.A, Australia and Canada to Muslims and all non muslims should go to China. European governments are corrupted and they will loose everything and Muslims will take over everything in Europe. Europe finally become a continent like Muslim Euro ruled by Saudis.

  4. Why should GEERT WILDERS have to lave HIS OWN country?!! ANYONE who threatens him should be MADE to leave. where whould he move? To Eqypt or to SOWdi Barbaria??!!

    Geert Wilders is the nearest thing we have to Winston Churchill in all of Europe. I say he STAYS PUT!

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