THE SUN, UK: 'Islam is an uncompromising religion'

No-Go Zones For Muslim Fanatics

Fergus Shanahan – Sun Columnist


Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

The bishop is bravely giving voice to one of the great unspoken fears of our country: That our mainly Christian society is being swept aside as Islam stakes its claim to be our main religion.

And as a Pakistani-born churchman, the Rochester bishop cannot be accused of racism — the usual response whenever someone dares raise the M word.

* Grow some balls, Fergus: Islam is a political ideology, not a race.

Of course, Nazir-Ali and his boss the Archbishop of Canterbury share the blame for the Church of England’s empty pews.

Their squabbles about gay priests and women vicars have driven churchgoers away. All the while, mosques have been springing up from leafy suburbs to rough estates.

The point about being British is that you don’t need to be a practising Christian to appreciate that our culture is underpinned by Christianity.

Christianity has sculpted the fabric of our society, from our carols and cathedrals to our laws and language.

Islam is an uncompromising religion.


In its most extreme form it can be deeply unpleasant in its treatment of women, who can be denied education, forced into marriage and murdered for refusing a male relative’s order.

* ‘Unpleasant? Are you shittin’ me, Fergus? Murdering women is ‘unpleasant?’

Militant Islamic leaders — the ones most active in Britain today — do not believe in halfway houses.

That is why they want mosques to broadcast the call to prayer from loudspeakers three times a day.

In Oxford, the mosque has already applied for consent to trumpet its prayer calls over the spires of the ancient university. Thank God Inspector Morse isn’t here to see it.

Almost half of Muslims here say they would prefer to be governed by Islamic Sharia law, which believes women should be stoned to death for adultery and thieves should have their hands hacked off.

Such barbarism has no place in Britain. Yet every day more people arrive here who believe in it.

The surge of Islam has been the flip coin of uncontrolled immigration under Labour. Politicians and church leaders have pussyfooted around the subject for fear of rocking the boat.

You can’t blame the Muslims for taking advantage.

* Ya think?

Bishop Nazir-Ali is bang on the money when he talks about ‘no-go’ areas for Christians in fundamentalist Muslim ghettoes in Britain.

But he could have gone further still. 

This country is littered with ‘no-go’ areas, not just physically, but culturally, spiritually, intellectually and academically, too. Our very liberties are being torched in the name of ‘diversity’.

The pernicious doctrine of multiculturalism has turned us into a society where people are frightened to speak their minds and justice has been flipped on its head.

To express an opinion contrary to the ruthlessly enforced, politically motivated conformity of the Fascist Left is to risk a vicious campaign of character assassination which, if you work in the public sector, will almost certainly cost you your job.

The private sector isn’t immune, either.

Only last week, we learned of a banker who was sacked for making a harmless, lame joke about Shi’ites.



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  1. Uncompromising is Islam? Yup-it must destroy all.
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  2. Thanks for highlighting what they do in China. I’ve contacted my local animal rights organisation about it.

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