Sheikh’ Faisal vows to Islamise Jamaica


* Abdullah al-Faisal, deported Islamofascist ratbag, is one of the ‘usual suspects’ around the Abu Hamza clan and was featured here on WoJ previously.

Muslim Weekly – thanks to Mullah

A radical preacher has declared his version of Islam as the future for Jamaica after being deported there from the UK following his imprisonment for inciting to racial hatred. Abdullah al-Faisal has warned the Christian leaders of Jamaica to “beware” as he sets off on a preaching mission to see “Jamaicans renounce Christianity and become Muslims”.

In his first interview since his deportation in May, al-Faisal brandishes Christianity as “false” and “blasphemous”.

Speaking to presenter Ian Boyne on Television Jamaica’s (TVJ) Religious Hard Talk, the firebrand preacher states that “Christians are pagans because they worship three gods”.

* This scumbag was also featured in ‘undercover mosque’


Israel: Kuffars with Kaffiyehs

* from JP

Six youths were arrested Monday night in Jerusalem as they were hanging anti-Bush posters ahead of the American president’s visit.


The posters depict Bush, Olmert and Peres wearing Palestinian kaffiyehs, with a banner running “accomplices to terror”, which they are…



Maldives Jihad Continued:

Boy scout saves Maldives president from assassination


Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

The Islam he promoted came to bite him in the ass:

Authorities have accused Islamists of trying to turn the islands into a safe haven for them and wreck the country’s vital tourism industry, which accounts for a third of the nation’s economy.

more from AFP


NY: Flower children plan to visit Iran to apologize to Ahmadinejad


* Actually they’re no longer flower power, they are Columbia professors; mentally they are still stuck on stupid in the sixties and high on residual LSD.

(MNA) – An academic delegation of Columbia University professors and deans of faculties plans to visit Tehran to officially apologize to Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

The delegation plans to express regret for the insulting remarks Columbia University President Lee Bollinger directed at Ahmadinejad on September 24 in his introductory speech, the Mehr News Agency correspondent in New York reported.

Read on? Wakademic crackpots…

12 thoughts on “Sheikh’ Faisal vows to Islamise Jamaica”

  1. Christians are pagans because they worship 3 gods? What about Islamania? They all worship 2 gods (Illah and Mo) and many worship 3 (nuclear weapon). As usual, hypocrisy flows from the Koranists.

  2. Sheikh Faisal, Allah (SWT) is with you all the way through this struggle. Kwwp the faith alive, verily all these intimidation by the enemies of islam is only temporal. Bi salam.

  3. Why should we care what you worship, brother?

    Here we don’t care whether you worship a bucket & a mop or a nail in the wall: it makes no difference to the moon if a dog barks.

    But if you try to force me to do it too then we’ll have a problem…

  4. Sheikyermami its obvious you are a christian or a non believer! Also muslims in britain has taken over cathothics,new muslims in every race coming to islam doesnt matter if white or chinese,the truth is coming if people like it all not.the media can say blah blah,that is not going to stop islam being the fastest growing religion,sharia law is going to be implimented I know it,look around you even the bishop said to bring sharia law,ha ha thats something.I used to be a christian but Allah brought me from a true religion which got perverted by mans hands.Once again look around you! pubs everywhere,corruption with exploitation of woman in almost all media.go to the tube station u will c a coffee advert and c a lady in a provocative pose.then the lastest bike or car showing woman in a bikini or knickers and bra which has nothing 2 do with the product,I have more respect for womans brain then seeing her falling into mens trap by being walking candy.I could say more endless things,NO WE DONT HATE EVERYONE just those who are islamophobes.and say spiteful false things like one classic example is the marrying of a 6 year old that they had sex,is totally rubbish

  5. Islam is the only trues religion on the surface of the earth. Any one who follows a religion other than Islam is a time waster and a looser if he or she dies in that boat of Kufr (Disbilive).

    Let the christians, jews, hindus, budish or what so ever, make hay while the sun shine. The sun here it the life span you are given to live on earth.

    The biggest shirk (Evil) is among the Christian who say Jesus is God and is their Lord. This is the biggest lie under the havens and the christinas cant realise it as the are dump, deft and blind. Jesus him self made it clearly to the children of Israel that he has a GOD and that is ALLAH. Why do the christins worship Jesus and not ALLAH.

    I call all christians and all non-muslims to come in to Islam whole heartedly and give up the evil foot steps of the devil (satan)

  6. hi.
    Im Samira 21 medical student from Iran
    I love ahmadinajhad and voted him
    Long Live Ahmadinejad

  7. Once again the islamic twists show how stupid they are. Jamaicans – a beautiful talented people filled with laughter being oppressed by islamic pigs! Well that what islam did to africans so these islamic mongrels are bound to try it elsewhere. hamza mustafa – you have absolutely no respect for women you filthy islamic liar – and you are rather stupid as well. sharia law is not coming – however your doom is, you idiotic muslim git. you are living proof that muslim are stupid and brainless morons. oh and mo did marry a 9 year old girl – this is a now a criminal act – as he raped many other women whilst murdering their families. What goes around come back and you muslim pigs will be getting your own soon enough. Fucking muslim trash!!!! Muhammed – Islam is evil – I CALL FOR ALL PEOPLE TO TURN THEIR BACKS ON THE DEVIL CALLED MOHAMMED AND ITS RELIGION CALLED ISLAM: ISLAM CANNOT CREATE – IT CAN ONLY DESTROY.

  8. As salaam alaykum wa rahmatulilaahi wa barakatu brothers and sister in Islam – Insha’Alaah leave these non-believers to themselves – The souls will be raised again and if they find truth in their statements on that day – they will know – but nothing AVAILS them in the least – A word of caution: statements AGAINST the beloved of God (peace and prayers be upon him) will bring a curse in your lives as it has done prior to your existence – so when you speak of The prophet of God (peace and prayers be upon him) – then you should say peace and prayers be upon him! – And that alone would not save your necks after you insulted the greatest human (peace and prayers be upon him) – War against Islam is a War Against God (swt) and that is WAR you can not win even if you gathered everyone on this earth with the same view! So gather them if you will?! Ma Salaama

  9. Too late for the false prophet of islam, Mahdi, and God will gather the nations in accordance with His will and purpose, and deal with them.
    (Revelation 16 and elsewhere)

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