UK: Muslims Demand Banning of 'Far Right' Websites

* The lizards over at Charles Johnsons echo chamber will be pleased to hear that.


A leading British Muslim youth organisation Thursday welcomed the government action against websites promoting hatred but expressed concern about plans announced Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that they could be ”discriminatory”.

The Ramadhan Foundation said it was “concerned that action is not being taken on far right and fascist websites that also promote violence and hatred.” Many that promote hatred and violence against minority communities that should be also closed, it said.

* Translation: anyone criticizing Islam shut be shut down. Got it!

In her first major speech on terrorism, Smith spoke of introducing measures to ban extremist websites but singled out Muslim youths as being “most at risk when the propagandists of violent extremism spread their messages of violence.”

“We are already working closely with the communications industry to take action against paedophiles. I believe we should also take action against those who groom vulnerable people for the purposes of violent extremism,” she said.

The Ramadhan Foundation pointed out that it was already clear Islam totally forbids the killing of innocent people and terrorism and said it believed that the “threat is one for the whole country.” It welcomed the change of language used by the government since Prime Minister Gordon Brown took over last year, moving away from such inflammatory labels as “War of Terror”, “Muslim Extremist” or “Islamic Terrorist”, that tarnish and isolate a whole faith.

* Fact is that Islam doesn’t regard unbelievers as innocent and terror is a strategy of jihad. Brother, who yer foolin’ with that cozmik debris?

But the government was warned again about its strategy in not wanting to deal with root causes of terrorism, like the discriminatory nature of UK Foreign policy and wanting to engage young people yet not have dialogue with representative groups.

* Translation: Muslims are entitled to determine Britsh Foreign policy.

“The government is typically not willing to discuss the issues of double standards of UK foreign policy; unless you deal with the root causes we will not rid terrorism,” the foundation’s chair Muhammad Umar said.

* The ‘root causes’ of terror are the Koran and the Islamic ideology…

* Dumber than a ton of bricks:


Jacqui Smith

Smith acknowledged that there may be grievances about Britain’s foreign policy or what is perceived to be the country’s foreign policy and those derived from the experience or perception of socio- economic disadvantage.

But she insisted that the government was prepared to debate grievances but only when they are “not only legitimately expressed but well founded.” –IRNA


BLiar experiences lucid moment:

West didn’t incite Islamic extremism, Blair says

Internal fight over future of Islam, not injustice perpetrated against Muslims, has fuelled terrorism, former British PM believes

Islamic extremists have no real grievance against the West, former British prime minister Tony Blair says, and Western democracies should stand up and say so.

Mr. Blair said that, faced with terrorism and extremist rage, liberal-minded Westerners sometimes assume that “there’s something that we should be doing, or have done, that is causing this.”

In fact, he told a lunchtime audience in Toronto yesterday, extremism is the result of an internal fight over the future of Islam, not any crime or injustice perpetrated by the West against Muslims.

“The truth is that they have no sense of grievance against us,” he said. “Truthfully, a Muslim in my country today has more freedom than they do in many Muslim countries.” If democratic countries want to defeat extremism, he said, they have to be ready to say that it is more than the extremists’ methods they abhor.

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Bunglawussy Watch:

* The comical ‘Mister Bean’ lookalike from the MCB, Inyat Bunglawussy, gives Londonistan’s ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone a ringing endorsement:

There has been a noticeable shift in recent years among many Muslim groups who are becoming increasingly politically active and determined to raise their issues and concerns to our politicians via the democratic process. That should be seen as a welcome and necessary development. There has also been a greater recognition that this activism must go hand in hand with working for a fairer society for all irrespective of ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation.

It is my view that these developments have been due in no small part to the likes of Livingstone who have sought to engage with all communities, including London’s Muslims, on the basis of acceptance and respect.

* The road to the abyss, paved by useful idiots. Red Ken is one of them…

* One poster, ‘endoftime’, doesn’t buy any:


Back to your old form again.

>>The mayor of London has a long and proud record of opposing racism and prejudice against minorities

Unless of course they are Jewish.

>>Qaradawi is arguably the world’s most influential and widely respected Muslim scholar and he has a large following in the UK.

That’s encouraging considering he supports suicide bombings and is a rabid homophobe.

If Livingstone is the choice of candidate for Muslims, then for that reason he should be the candidate to reject for non-Muslims.

Vote for Boris and end the Nightmayor that is Livingstone.



6 thoughts on “UK: Muslims Demand Banning of 'Far Right' Websites”

  1. * UK: Muslims Demand Banning of ‘Far Right’ Websites

    With Oz about to follow the British approach (of rolling over for Mo), it shouldn’t be too
    long before Oz Muslims make the same demands, & sites like WoJ are consigned to the
    bit bucket by Mo’s minders …
    National security faces radical shake-up

    […] The federal government is considering putting more resources into building relationships with vulnerable local communities rather than solely pumping more funds into intelligence agencies, Fairfax newspapers report.

    This would echo the British approach, which emphasises grassroots social policy such as building community networks, tackling alienation among young people, and encouraging moderate Muslim preachers. […]

    Mystery, Babylon the Great extends her foul tentacles.

  2. The following is reproduced from the BNP website – – thought it might amuse. The British National Party – the last hope in Great Britain.

    I come to England poor and broke,
    go on dole, see labour bloke,
    fill in form and stand around,
    kind man give me twenty pound,
    thank him much, then he say,
    “come back next week and get more pay”.
    You come here we make you wealthy,
    doctor free to keep you healthy,
    send for friends from Pakistan,
    tell them come as quick as can,
    plenty of us on dole,with motor car, and big bank roll,
    come with me we live together,
    (one bad thing the bloody weather).
    all get nicely settled down,
    fine big house in busy town,fifteen families living up,
    twice as many living down,all are paying big nice rent,
    more in garden live in tent,
    soon we send for wife and kids,
    kind man gives us lots more quids.

    Twelve months later buy a Rolls,
    still go to labour, draw more doles,
    wife gets glasses, teeth and pills,
    all are free get no bills,
    white man pays out all the year,
    to keep national assistance here.

    Bless all white men big and small,
    for paying tax to keep us all,
    we think England damn good place,
    too damn good for white man race,
    if they don’t like coloured man,
    plenty room in Pakistan!!!!!!!!!

  3. WoJ was set up in the US and has presently 3 regular contributors in Europe, Asia and the US plus one full time moderator. In the worst case the Australian side of it could be affected, but the site will continue, not to worry, Mullah!

  4. OK, I won’t worry, but OTOH, Muslims won’t be happy with banning “far right” web sites;
    they will demand the banning of any sites that question Islam, or are in any way anti “anti-Islamic”, which will become the new euphemism for Islamic, like the un-Cola.

  5. Does this mean that UK visitors to Jihadwatch, SIOE and Winds of Jihad etc, could be prevented from going to those sites?

    If so, where will they find information about what’s going on?

  6. These idiots should blame Bin Loser for this problem- one side effect of 9/11 was the awakening of interest of infidels in the Koran and all madness flowing from it. This sort of reminds me of overturning a rock after it rains and seeing all sorts of weird bugs that are uncovered. Islamania has one hell of a problem-it wants to kill a lot of infidels in spectacular fashion but when it does so it brings a lot of unwanted heat and attention on it. Islamania works best in the darkness but you can’t kill thousands secretly. Shame on anyone who caves in to this demand-this would be a tremedous victory for the Koranists because not only would it shut up their enemies but it would give even more power to their current allies-the far LEFT, who will have an even easier time of spreading their “Islam is peace” BS.

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