Abul Kasem: "going to a mosque is like joining in jihad and returning with booty"

Islamic Mosque Voodoo

Mosques are extraordinary places for all Muslims. It is not only a place for the worship of Allah, but also a place to conduct many Islamic activities. Besides offering regular daily, and weekly congregation prayers, a mosque is also a place where all planning and logistics are carried out to conduct Jihad, serve as cache of arms, meting out hudud punishments, and manufacturing center for the next generation of Islamic executioners, Islamists, and suicide bombers.

It will be quite prudent to say that he who controls mosques controls Islam. A corollary of this hypothesis is that if any country wishes to contain the rabid Islamists, it must severely restrict the construction of mosques.


Weapons at Finsbury Park mosque (UK, 2003)

Please note that because of the great importance of mosques for the Islamic conquest of the infidel world, the Islamists have vowed to construct at least one mosque in a suburb of their adopted country (read infidel land). Islamists firmly believe that constructing one mosque in a Kafir land is one victory for Islam. It (the construction of mosques in infidel territories) is the first step in the conquest (or the defeat) of the Kafirland by Islam.

In this episode, we shall observe a few unique features of Islamic mosques and learn a few lessons as to how to combat the mushrooming of these terror centers.

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Diana West deplores our

Western blindness

Mazir-i-sharif.Ring a bell? In 2001, a 32-year-old Marine captain and CIA officer named John Micheal Spann was killed there in a prison riot, thus becoming the first American combat death in Afghanistan. Not incidentally, Spann, before violence broke out, had interrogated an uncooperative John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban. This all took place before the United States military completely toppled Afghanistan’s Taliban oppressors.

Nearly seven years later, American-liberated Mazir-i-sharif has again made headlines — well, one or two — as the site of the prison where a 23-year-old Afghan journalist has been detained for three months (and counting) on blasphemy charges. These charges derive, Reuters reports, from Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh “distributing an article which said Prophet Mohammed had ignored the rights of women.” As President Bush might say… well, what might President Bush say: Let freedom reign?

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  1. Kasem is right. A mosque is nothing but a jihadist supermarket-worship is at the bottom of the shopping list.

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