UN: The Plain Truth v/s Pure Evil

* For now, they still let him speak: Hillel Neuer on the projection of the Arab/commie/third world alliance against Israel in the UN:

It is hard to fathom just how deeply and enormously the world must hate the Jews if they side with Religion of Pieces.

* Cuba lashes out, threatens to silence UN Watch after speech exposing Hamas inversion

* UN Human Rights Council votes 30-1 to condemn Israel for “grave violations”

An emergency session today of the UN’s 47-nation Human Rights Council condemned Israel for “grave violations of the human and humanitarian rights of Palestinian civilians,” for “undermining” the peace process, “incessant and repeated Israeli military attacks,” and causing “loss of life and injuries among Palestinian civilians, including women and children.” The resolution, which made no mention of Hamas rocket attacks or their Israeli victims, was adopted by 30 votes to 1 (Canada), with 15 abstentions from European Union and other countries. UN Watch thanks the many hundreds who urged world leaders not to support the biased and counter-productive text. Click for video of UN Watch’s testimony — and Cuba’s bullying reply.

The full texts of both here on Atlas


Meanwhile, in Pali-land:

The swine from Hamas want you to believe that Israel cut electricity to Gaza:


Al Reuters: Palestinian lawmakers attend a parliament session in candlelight during a power cut in Gaza on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Notice the curtains on the left… its DAYTIME! The Islamic savages stage the most outlandish schemes and the world media and international community lap it up like obedient dogs and go after Israel with rapacious hunger.

It’s interesting how quiet the media has been for years about the rockets into Israel but now Israel is all over the news – FOX, CNN, the networks …. this is the big story but no mention that ‘Hamas staged some of the blackouts’.

Worse still, this is what is being debated before the security council. Not the thousands of rockets being fired into Israel, not terror state Iran’s nukes, not the NORK’s nukes, not the 45,000 dead each month in the Congo, not the genocide by the Islamic government in Khartoum, etc


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  1. The only inhuman beasts in the world reside in Israel if one listens to the BS coming out of the Urine Nations-the palestinians are all angels. One of these days it will probably declare war on Israel in its never ending bashing of that nation.

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