Al-Qaeda video shows boys training to kill, kidnap


By Jim Michaels, USA TODAY
A video that shows young boys being trained in kidnapping and assassination was discovered during a raid on an al-Qaeda safe house in Iraq, the U.S. military said Tuesday.
The video shows about 20 boys wearing ski masks and carrying pistols, assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. In some cases the weapons appear to dwarf the youngsters carrying them.


Excerpts, which were viewed by USA TODAY, appear to show the boys running through training exercises under the supervision of trainers, said Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, spokesman for the coalition command in Iraq. Portions of the video, the content of which could not be independently verified, will be released publicly today.

An analysis of the video provided by the U.S. command in Baghdad said the boys were proclaiming allegiance to al-Qaeda.

The tape was found among other al-Qaeda material uncovered during a raid north of Baghdad on Dec. 4, Smith said.



Meanwhile, Bin Laden’s greaseball-son Omar and his grandmother wife whore are eager to visit the Vatican:


Emulating the father?

(AGI) – Rome, Feb 4 – Omar Bin Laden, the 26-year-old son of the leader of al Qaeda, arrived in Rome yesterday. Tonight he will participate in the television programme ‘Niente di personale’ presented by Antonello Piroso, at 21:00h on La7. He arrived by airplane from Switzerland under close surveillance measures and followed everywhere by his two bodyguards. Omar Bin Laden stays in a hotel in the centre of Rome with his wife.

Yesterday he had dinner in a hotel close to the Vatican, after that he said he wanted to return to Italy to visit Vatican City. This morning the couple admired the Colosseum before doing some shopping in Via dei Condotti.


 UC-Berkeley: Don’t ever compromise on Islam! 

No ‘Moderates’ here, or anywhere… 


 * Insanity is all the rage in this hotbed of higher learning:

MSA held their 2007 West Zone Conference in April 2007 at UC-Berkeley. Amir Mertaban, the president of MSA West, gave a speech entitled “Methods of Da’wah.” In his speech, Mertaban said the following of Osama bin Laden, polygamy, and jihad:

Mertaban: War in Iraq or Afghanistan or Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. Don’t ever compromise on Islam! And don’t ever compromise on your Muslim brothers and sisters in which you have no evidence. Osama bin Laden- I don’t know this guy. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know what he said. I don’t know what happened. But we defend Muslim brothers and we defend our Muslim sisters to the end. Is that clear? I am not saying support terrorist acts. I am not saying any of that. I am saying generally speaking. If a man comes and robs a store – if you’re going to rob the store, go ahead and rob the store, are we going to condemn him? No, you support your Muslim brothers whether it is right or wrong. When they do wrong you grab them and you slap some sense into them, you’re doing wrong. You see what I am saying.

So you never compromise on your faith. You be confident in every aspect of life. In every aspect of Islam you are confident. Four wives? Yes men are allowed to have four wives within this context. Jihad? Yes Jihad! Jihad is the tightest thing in Islam. Don’t compromise on these little things. Be proud of it. Why? Because Islam is a perfect religion. If you sit here and you start saying, ‘Jihad is only an internal this and that,’ you are compromising on your faith.

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