Another Asshat for the United Nations

* The United Nations is an eldorado for kooks and crooks, where 20 civilized nations pay the bills for corrupt third world dictators and Islamic zealots, who use their vote to pervert the very idea of its existence.

* Take a look? Here: the ‘new UN anti terrorism official’ Mike Smith ‘rejects any attempts to link acts of terrorism with Islam or any other religion’- the ummah is pleased, no doubt.


Mr Mike Smith
Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism

Top UN anti-terrorism official condemns linkage of terror with Islam

From the ‘Fox in charge of the chicken coop’ department

BRUSSELS, Feb 19 (KUNA) — The new head of the United Nations Counter-terrorism (CTC) Executive Directorate rejected today any attempts to link acts of terrorism with Islam or any other religion.
“The UN has never made any link with a particular religion and terrorism”, Mike Smith told a press conference here Tuesday.
“To make any link with Islam and terrorism is quite unfair, he said noting that a majority of victims of terrorism are probably Muslims.
“It is kind of crazy to try and say that terrorism is Islam, said the former Australian diplomat who also speaks Arabic and served as his countrys ambassador to Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

He however, noted that some extremists have tried to link Islam to their cause. “That is enormously sad and if I was a Muslim, I would be very angry about that,” said Smith who was appointed to his new UN post last October.

The UN official was in Brussels to discuss with EU officials the UNs global counter-terrorism strategy which was adopted by the General Assembly in September 2006.


* Never knew the UN had a ‘global counter-terrorism strategy’, did you? What could it be, dhimmitude?


Meanwhile, reality catches up with the cartoonists in Denmark:

Muhammad cartoonist kicked out of hotel

Newspaper cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (73) has no place to live after Thursday. No hotel will have him as a guest due to the death threats against him.



KLM refuses service to Geert Wilders


SCHIPHOL – Airline KLM refused to take Geert Wilders on a flight to Moscow on Monday morning because of problems with the Freedom Party (PVV) leader’s security.

After consultation the delegation of which Wilders was a part departed for Russia without him. KLM says that the MP had “specific requests regarding his security.” Since these requests had not been submitted to the airline in advance, they could not be met, a spokesperson said.

Wilders denies this vehemently. “There were absolutely no extra requests made. This trip was prepared and they knew I was coming.”

The parliamentary foreign affairs committee travelled to Moscow on Monday for a working visit. Wilders serves on this committee but had to return home after being refused for the flight. “Unbelievable,” the politician said.

Wilders will most likely be able to travel to Moscow sometime later today. Speaker of Parliament Gerdi Verbeet said on Monday she regretted that Wilders had been restricted in his work as MP because of security measures.

17 thoughts on “Another Asshat for the United Nations”

  1. “To make any link with Islam and terrorism is quite unfair, he said noting that a majority of victims of terrorism are probably Muslims.” The ONLY way that is true is they are victims at the hands of OTHER muslims.

  2. Mike Smith is an embarrassment to Australians. His opinions are based on naiveté. As head of the UN Counter Terrorism unit, he will be as useful as tits on a bull.

  3. Mike Smith: ‘He speaks Arabic and French’.

    They forgot his mother tongue: shitheadese.

    Oh, sorry, that’s actually a dialect of both Arabic and French.

  4. How does Richard Craniums like him ever manage to get hired in to those positions? Did he have to get a lot of mud on his knees or what?

  5. * Mr Mike Smith

    Another Alexander Downer appointee.

    * What could it be, dhimmitude?

    Looks like it.

    France, Libya, Indonesia, Burkina Faso (and others who should know better)

    Click “Documents” to read the sternly worded letters after each [Islamic] atrocity.

  6. Gramfan said “They are currently occupying Gaza!”

    Excellent find Gramfan! Thanks. 🙂

  7. He however, noted that some extremists have tried to link Islam to their cause. “That is enormously sad and if I was a Muslim, I would be very angry about that,”

    Why haven’t the Moslems set the terrorists straight? If Christians were committing terrorism one could simply point out that there is no precedent for violence in Jesus’ pacifist teachings.

  8. Hey Joe, (hmmm, wasn’t that a Jimi Hendrix song??)

    You quoted: “That is enormously sad and if I was a Muslim, I would be very angry about that,”

    But how come we never see muslims displaying any anger about the link? That would make him a rare muslim indeed…

  9. KLM refuses service to Geert Wilders

    Since when is it the job of airlines to dabble in politics?
    They must be scared sh**less.

  10. I am sick to death of morons being promoted preciseoly as high as their ignorance, ineptitude and lying asses who know absolutely jack shyte about islam, they are the fifth column, reminds me of the chamberlain of pre ww2, saying peace in our time then gues s what happened.
    Watch the doco jihad in europe, its chilling but true. our children are going to be slaves unless our govt stops denial and kow towijg to theislqamics, mussies are calling for islamic shariah in perth, when will the ferds say if you will not integrate and become a citizen with absolute loyalty to our lands piss off and take your scumbag bastard children with you, God save Britain, its already part of eurabia and look at the violence evrywhere, the so called imams decalring fatwahs to kill anyone speaking out against islam. War in our streets is coming I guarentee it within 20 yrs aussies will have war here in our own cities and invasion from nei9ghbouring mussie lands
    stop mussie immigration, close down islamic madrasses here, stop funding mussie madrasses, de fund and stop tax recognition for all mussie charities ahem terrorist funding orgs here, deport all islamics and jail any muslim cleric who calls for jihad and killing non mussies
    get them out now, they are mules who will outbreed us and take over like they have done in uk and denmark amsterdam, and doing now all over eurpe, rome will fall just watch and see and so too will australia in naive ignorance our leaders are condemming our children and possibly in our lifetime to the curse and murderous evil of islam, god help us when islam is not allowed to be criticised in australia ….in victoria it has happened…educate friends is fine, none of mine or family will listen they are in a lemmings mind and will not learn will not listen, they will learn only when they are forced to choose, convert die or pay jizra and walk around in tents and have their clitorises removed forcibly- islam is nazism in our midst someone wake up please and teach our govts the truth

  11. Will KLM undergo “sensitivity training” for refusing to carry Wilders, like the
    Wal-Mart staff who cracked a funny with a Penguina in Utah?

  12. * Meanwhile, reality catches up with the cartoonists in Denmark

    Muslims continue to obsess over cartoons of their false prophet, but turn a blind
    eye to Iran’s blasphemous film against Jesus Christ. Christians will not respond
    by burning mosques, attacking Iranian embassies, or blowing themselves up,
    for revenge is not ours. Nevertheless, if Iran wants to blaspheme against God’s
    only begotten Son, then it will find that there are consequences.

    The Iranian Muslim Jesus Movie

  13. sherik yamami u are just some BASTARD how can you chat shit about islam if you think that islam aint a good religoin well your wrong go to a mosque and learn about islam but you
    obviosly wont because you’ll right whateva u’ll feel like writin bout islam because you don’t wanna know what comes on ur mind you’ll feel like doin it den u do it don’t worri shrik yamami u’ll get so much punishmet its unbeliveable

  14. ArchAngelGabrielle >
    Well said!!!!! Fear not – the western nations are awakening from their slumber of ignorance and the “real” understanding is underway concerning the threat from this evil cult!
    The enemies of the west are a simple rabble consisting of goat herding pagan death cult worshipers with the mental ability of children. Yes this has been warped in the media crediting them with crimes of intelligent design. But look at the reality and the unsuspecting victims of the west mired in a politically correct fog of war. Once the western nations fully realize the childish enemy in their midst it will be a cleansing of our cultures in short order. The time is near, and they the fools have made the job ever easier, patience has paid off……….you are the one bringing the truth to the ears of the western world.

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