Denmark: Three Main Newspapers will Reprint Mohammed Cartoon in Solidarity with Cartoonist

Denmark stands proud:


17 Danish newspapers print controversial Mohammed cartoon 

by Slim Allagui

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – At least 17 Danish newspapers printed a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed Wednesday, vowing to defend freedom of expression a day after police foiled a murder plot against the cartoonist.

Three of the country’s biggest dailies were among those that published the cartoon, which featured the prophet’s head with a turban that looked like a bomb with a lit fuse.


Newspapers defy Muslim fanatics to support Kurt Westergaard

David Charter in Brussels and Marcus Oscarsson in Stockholm

Denmark’s three main newspapers will take the provocative step today of reprinting a cartoon showing the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb instead of a turban after the arrest yesterday of three suspected Islamic terrorists for plotting to murder the artist.


The cartoon by Kurt Westergaard was one of 12 depicting the prophet which triggered riots around the world leading to dozens of deaths when they first appeared in 2005. The violent backlash demonstrated starkly the incendiary interface between Islam and the boundaries of freedom of expression in Europe.



“Keep fearing for your life you white trash….”

U.S. Muslim blogger threatens over Muhammad cartoon: “You fools seem to forget the end of Theo Van Gogh”

If this isn’t an incitement to murder, I don’t know what is. Samir Khan, the Charlotte, NC al Qaeda supporter & blogger on Kurt Westergaard and other cartoonists who defied Islamist demands drawing pictures of Mohammed should be illegal, as required by Islamic law. He first shows an image of Westergaard, and then warns:

Keep fearing for your life you white trash….

Anyone who wages war against Allah and His Messenger defiantly and arrogantly, will inevitably face the banner of Laa Ilaaha Illallaah: they will face those who will show them no mercy. “Humble with the believers, harsh against the Disbelievers.”
See Qur’an 5:54.


Arabs go ape-shit over Dutch anti-Islam film

* All before anyone’s even seen it:

Arab states attending the European Union- Arab League meeting in Malta on Tuesday lobbied the Dutch government against a highly controversial anti-Islam film about to be released in the Netherlands.


Muhammad at the age of 54 started having sex with nine-year-old Aisha. She was always his favorite. Most of the sexual details are told by Aisha and recorded in the Hadith. No doubt Wilders film will mention it.


VALLETTA – Arab states attending the European Union- Arab League meeting in Malta on Tuesday lobbied the Dutch government against a highly controversial anti-Islam film about to be released in the Netherlands.

The foreign ministers of Syria, Egypt and Morocco spoke against the film with Dutch State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Muslim himself, at the ministerial meeting that ended Tuesday, The Times of Malta reported.

Dutch far right leader Geert Wilders is behind the 15-minute film (Fitna), which according to advance reports denounces the Koran as a fascist book and claims it incites people to murder.

Political leaders worry about another flare-up of cross-cultural conflict similar to the one which erupted in early 2006 after the Danish publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Aboutaleb, who was stepping in for his country’s foreign affairs minister at the conference, told Malta’s main newspaper he had talks about the matter.

“My role in this discussion here is to explain to our Arab friends that we have a Constitution in which freedom of speech is guaranteed…which means that there is no need, especially, so far, for the government to intervene,” he said.

“We cannot and do not want to intervene,” he insisted, stressing, however, that the case could still be brought before the courts on the grounds of racial hatred or discrimination.

* Anything to muzzle the Euro-dhimmi’s…

Aboutaleb insisted that he expected the Muslim communities not to retaliate violently but to fight back using the same weapon of freedom of expression.

The intention of Wilders, who he insisted, represents a very small minority in the Dutch parliament, is to provoke: “If there will be a retaliation, it would be exactly what Wilders wants.”

* The ummah will not disappoint: Its your fault that we are violent lunatics, kuffar…

Nevertheless, the Dutch government is reported to be preparing against a possible international backlash and has already instructed its embassies worldwide on how to act after the film has been released.



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  1. The Wilders film is so upsetting? Then why don’t Koranists make a counter movie shooting down the points made in the Wilders film? They won’t because they know they can’t refute those points. So what to do? Whine and riot of course-the usual answers to any arguments made by infidels.

  2. Denmark: Fifth night of jihad

    »»the riots do not have to do with the reprinting of the Muhammad cartoons, which were a cause for a smaller, “peaceful” demonstration of 200 Muslims««

    »»According to a police spokesperson, the riot was caused by boredom.««

    the slideshow:

    2 videos:

    more information on this page:

  3. I don’t support wat the Danish Newspaper done so far because just amagine if any Muslim Newspaper print ur prophet Cartoon or make fun from ur religion who would u guys will feel??? i condmn watever danish paper done.

  4. moham give us the best news of god and what we;re giving them.
    all the cartoonestwill go into the hell.

  5. if i get the guy who drown the pictur in my hands,,,,he will be swimming in blood…..

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