UK: "Our hospitality is being abused by radical Islam"

Patrick O’Flynn/Daily Express


* Muslim breeding stock in the UK

The nation of giggling shopkeepers grows a spine:

Whatever Rowan Williams does from here on in, his call for Britain to accommodate the Islamic legal system of sharia law is what he will always be remembered for.

With the General Synod now in full swing, perhaps the time has come for non-Anglicans to withdraw from intruding on private grief because there is a far bigger and scarier problem to be considered in the wake of Dr Williams’s outburst than the shambles that is the CofE.

It is this: while the Arch bishop and his fellow travellers spout their nonsense, the leaders of British Islam still don’t appreciate the degree to which their behaviour is despised by the majority of the public.

Unless they give up their obsession with grievance and victimhood and instead under stand the need to integrate and contribute positively, Britain will slide towards segregation and civil strife.

There are plenty of opinion polls which highlight the views of the estimated two million Muslims in this country. Apparently, 40 per cent wish to live under sharia law. But there never seem to be any polls highlighting what the rest of us think about the Muslims in our midst. I wonder why?

Consider which of these statements best reflects your own view:

a) Britain would be a better country if there were more Muslims living here.

b) There is the right number of Muslims in Britain to serve the country’s interests.

c) It would be preferable if Britain did not have a large Muslim population at all.

Got an answer yet? I bet it wasn’t A. The ferocity and extent of the backlash against Dr Williams demonstrates that the British people feel their hospitality has been abused and will brook no further compromise with radical Islam.

A profit-and-loss account of the impact of Islam on Britain will quickly demonstrate why.

Electoral Fraud & Grievance Theater:

On an economic level, the impact of Britain’s Muslims is massively negative. Research shows Muslim communities are typified by heavy levels of welfare dependency and low levels of wealth creation.


Who would employ this? 


* Feeding parasites & dole bludgers:

A report last year by the Left-wing Institute for Public Policy Research found that fewer than half of adults from four of the biggest Muslim groups here – Somalis, Bangla deshis, Turks and Pakistanis – are in employment.

And because of the high number of children in their families they also tend to be heavy users of expensive public services such as the NHS.

On a wider cultural basis, the impact of Islam on this country is also strongly negative in the eyes of the public.
Islam has repressed women in a way Britain has not tolerated for hundreds of years. Forced marriage, honour killing, female genital mutilation, enforced wearing of the veil – all are abominations present within British Muslim communities.

This is good. Read it all


Some of the comments are right on the money:


Congratulations to Patrick Flynn for expressing the truth so succinctly.

Muslim culture is parasitic, misogynistic, violent and fanatical.


8 thoughts on “UK: "Our hospitality is being abused by radical Islam"”

  1. Islamania integrating into Western society is like trying to integrate oil and water-it will never happen. The oil merely tries to spread out until it completely covers the water-to expect any other outcome would be highly foolish.

  2. Sheikh

    I wish that Jean Vallete was alive and attending the meeting.

    Get hold of the book “The Seige of Malta” by Ernle Bradford- you will then see what I mean, and at the same time wish that we had someone like him today.

  3. “Some of the comments are right on the money:”

    Moslems are the root cause of Islamophobia. Reminds me of how the protests over the previously unheard of Muhammad cartoons caused same to be repeatedly duplicated on a worldwide scale. LOL!

  4. IFL said “Islamania integrating into Western society is like trying to integrate oil and water ..”

    But they keep adding the secret herbs & spices & quoting from the “peaceful” edition of
    the Koran that noone else has ever seen, in the vain hope that if they get the mix right,
    it will work. No amount of diversity officers and cultural sensitivity trainers will be able
    to get it to work, despite the collective delusion.

  5. Islam is going to integrate with this (picture)?. She/he/it looks like a member of the KKK who messed up a load of washing!

  6. * Who would employ this?

    She might be kept chained up at home, like a pet. Nope, the RSPCA wouldn’t allow a pet
    to be kept like this:
    * Italy: Muslim women literally living in chains claims rights activist

    the Iron Burka falls across Europe and the West, and dhimmy governments hire more
    diversity managers to whitewash it & convince us it is not happening.

  7. I’d employ that if I ran a business. Every night I’d stick it in the window to scare off burglars.

  8. time for the peoples army to take action. remove all imams from europe. take mosques and schools etc apart brick by brick and send all muslims to pakistan/saudi arabia/iran etc.

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