Fitzgerald: Rowan Williams, Beth Din courts, and Shari'a


The pompous old goat has to go!

The Archbishop of Canterbury is unrepentant. He thinks that the Shari’a, or at least the family law part of Shari’a, or at least some part of the family law part of Shari’a, would not contradict the laws and mores of Great Britain. He is quite wrong. And someone who relies on Tariq Ramadan for his understanding of Islam, and of the intentions of Muslims in Western Europe, has no business being Archbishop of Canterbury or being much of anything else.

As for that touchingly transparent attempt to liken the recognition of the imposition of parts of the Shari’a as “unavoidable” to the existence of Beth Din courts, for a handful of Jews, in a handful of matters, where not a single element contradicts, in spirit or letter, the prevailing English law — practically on the level, in this particular discussion, of Rowan Williams telling us that “some of my friends are Jews” or “I really enjoyed ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’” that won’t wash. It won’t justify his original endorsement — not a mere discussion, as he now attempts to reinterpret his own words — of parts of the Shari’a being recognized as a parallel system, in the interests of “social cohesion.”

He is defending himself, and is making it impossible for anyone decent and intelligent to take him seriously, or even to stand him. He is now the single greatest weight on the Anglican Church. For its sake — if one cares about it — he must be removed.

The difference between the imposition of any part of the Shari’a and whatever a very limited role is allotted to Jewish (or possibly Hindu) family law, is that there is no real challenge, by the latter, to the supremacy of English law. There is no long-term program to use whatever small place has been allowed for there to be some kind of use of Jewish (or Hindu?) family law, in very limited ways, and ONLY when those ways do not contradict English law, to undercut the supremacy of the law of the English state. There is no program to undo the legal and political institutions of the English state.

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Don’t miss the Illustrated PIG’s Horror Picture show about the Old Goat!

Friends of Pompous Old Goat say he is in a state of shock and dismayed by the criticism from his own Church. All the main political parties, secular groups and some senior Muslims have expressed dismay at his comments.


The above picture of the Pompous Old Goat, the Archbishop of Westminster and leading cleric of the British Anglican Church being awarded a medal of honour by Yasser Arafat.

It is this church organization that has voted a boycott against companies dealing with Israel. The Pompous Old Goat was prominent in adopting this motion.

Now more about the picture. This picture was taken just minutes after yet another Palestinian suicide bomber had detonated his explosive belt outside the main shopping mall in Netanya killing several innocent Israelis and injuring many more.

The news of this murderous attack was given to the Pompous Old Goat as he was on his way to pay a courtesy call on Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat.

Rather than cancel his meeting at such a delicate time, the Pompous Old Goat continued and paid his respects to Arafat. He was gifted with a special medal, presented to him in the name of the Palestinian people.

The Pompous Old Goat described Israel’s security fence as a ” terrible symbol,” ignoring the fact that it is being built to keep such bombers out.

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2 thoughts on “Fitzgerald: Rowan Williams, Beth Din courts, and Shari'a”

  1. I find this episode of further dhimmitude very amusing, politicians and the complicit media fail to thwart the advances of sharia creeping through the back door and the archbishop says it’s ‘unavoidable’ because of that failure. If he had of lambasted the elements of islam’s barbaric law the cries of islamophobia and racism would have been deafening and no debate would have eventuated, but it’s not the Archbishop’s place to denounce the horrid details of sharia and his resignation of its ‘unavoidable’ encroachment has opened a can of worms. Whether the Archbishop meant it or not, he’s done us a favor awakening many people to the scourge on humanity that is sharia law…

  2. Archbishop Rowan Williams is even more despicable than Ken Livingstone. The pair of them should emigrate to Saudi Arabia or Iran where they would feel quite at home. As EloiVsDiablo writes, Mullah Rowan Williams has done us a favour by awakening many people to the scourge of Islam and sharia law.

    Someone should sit down with Mullah Rowan with a Koran and explain every sentence to him in words containing few syllables. Perhaps not. Just smash his head with the Koran. Repeatedly!

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