Video: The Appalling Treatment of Christians in Egypt


* While the Western Media feeds you endless garbage soundbites about the ‘plight of the Palistanians’ here is something you never hear about: The Dhimmi-Christian Copts and how they are ‘kept low and humiliated in abject conditions’- according to Islamic teachings, simply because they are not Muslims.

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Turkey produces the vilest propaganda to smear Germans


* From the ‘humans & children’s‘ department

It is still not clear what caused the fire in Ludwigshafen but the Turks already blame all Germans collectively (because Turkish Muslims are now Jooozzz, remember?) The fire brigade arrived only to strangle the babies, and to throw the Turks back into the flames…

Btw: the baby that was thrown from the building was saved.

Yes: Turkey ‘deserves its rightful place’ in the EU, they deserve a country colony in Europe just like the Palistanians ‘deserve’ a state!


5 thoughts on “Video: The Appalling Treatment of Christians in Egypt”

  1. Get ready all you Kafurs… this is what your Dhimmi Politicians and their Mohammedan Oil Masters plan for you.

  2. Watch the joy in the faces of these Coptic reverts (muslim joke) to Islam. The women wear Bhurkas to hide their shame and even the Mullah looks embarrassed .

    On Youtube

    A whole Egyptian Coptic Christian family revert to Islam!

  3. I don’t have the words. This was an amazing report! You won’t see more Chirstian conviction than that of the family who chose to live in Muslim-imposed exile and filth, rather than live with the Muslims!

    These folks have nothing to be ashamed of regarding their house of worship. Excavation was a clever idea, and Jesus himself would probably be proud to be there in body as well as in spirit. In its own way, it’s one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

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