France: Religion of Peace members will protect Ayaan Ali Hirsi from hijackers of Islam

* Yeah. And pigs will fly. But hey: we been dreamin’ so long, why stop now?


From the sons of apes & pigs:

Where are the peaceful Muslims in the West rising up and Calling on all their Islamic authorities to issue a fatwa against all the hijackers of their peaceful religion that would hurt Ayaan Hirsi ?

Dutch islam critic seeks protection in France

Paris will help if she accepts French citizenship

by Frank Renout and Rob Kievit


Somali-born author and former Dutch Member of Parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali has appealed worldwide for help to fund her protection. She says she is daily receiving death threats because of her open criticism of extreme Islam.

Her dreams may be about to come true as French politicians and intellectuals come to her rescue. They have responded by offering her worldwide protection but only if she takes up French citizenship. The Dutch government is refusing to protect her outside the country.


In 2004, Ms Hirsi Ali collaborated with Theo van Gogh on the film “Submission,” which examined the link between Islamic law and the suffering of millions of women under Islam. Van Gogh was murdered by a Dutch Islamic extremist and Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been living under 24 hour protection.

United States

After resigning from the Dutch parliament, Hirsi Ali moved to the United States to work for the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. In October 2007, the Dutch government decided it would no longer fund her personal security when she is abroad. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has since been looking for funds to pay her own protection.
Why has Ms Hirsi Ali come to Paris, expecting France to do what the Dutch refuse? She explains:

“It’s the outrage, expressed by French intellectuals at the decision of the current Dutch administration to stop protecting me, that gives me strength and hope. Strength, to go on fighting injustices to women in the name of Islam. And hope that my life will be protected, if not by the Dutch government, then hopefully by the French government. One more [bit of] practice in French: Je serais honorée d’avoir la possibilité de devenir française. Merci beaucoup.[I would consider it an honour to become a French citizen.]”



Update: Islam and its taboos

Footing the bill

While all the participants agreed that Hirsi Ali should be protected, Ayoub asked why French taxpayers should foot the bill for her protection. According to him, she knew what she was doing.

Manji replied, saying that this means only those who can afford protection can enjoy freedom of speech. In conclusion, she praised France’s decision to support a pan-European fund to protect “lower-profile dissident Muslims” such as the French Algerian director Mohamed Sifaoui.


* Now picture this:


France sheltered the Ayatollah Khomeini, the ‘father of the Islamic Revolution’ in Iran, for many years, along with his entourage of despicable zealots. France has sheltered many Islamo-scumbags from prosecution and gave medical treatment to Yasser Arafart. It is doubtful that the ingrates will reward France for her treason to European civilization. For an Islamofascist hanging out in France to whine about ‘who pays for Ali Hirsi’s protection’ is as disingenuous as a 13-dollar bill.


What say you?

3 thoughts on “France: Religion of Peace members will protect Ayaan Ali Hirsi from hijackers of Islam”

  1. I say:
    he, Ayoub, should teach some of our politicians how to save tax-payers’ money,lol!

    He was obsessed with this! A life is at stake, he claims she brought it on herself – sure she did. She expressed her opinions.

    Those “radicals” want to kill her, but that means zip to him – blame the victim.

    He floundered badly in the end as he deserved, after claiming he worked with abused women but could not see the connection to someone threatened with death by people who would actually do it, and have proved it too many times.

  2. France is too mealy to go after those who issue those threats. Why is it that we allow ayatollahs, imams, etc from other countries to issue such things and instruct muslims from our countries to do such deeds? We allow it when we don’t hold the muslims accountable for their actions. France, and much of Europe, don’t even hold the crimes of rape, beatings, murder, rioting, etc against those who do such things.

    They should be infiltrating their mosques, their communities and stopping this crud. If a freak needs to be deported – then deport them.

    This is what happens when you basically have no one in a country with a backbone. They have no military to speak of (if you call NATO a military then I will call my guinea pigs, bison).

    Stop all this appeasement of muslims. No other immigrant group has demanded such things as foot baths, segregated bathrooms (that was banned decades ago and we are allowing it again??!!), that we stop making cartoons of them – in our country – no one is sacred – not even mohammed, allah or muslims. This tiptoeing around these freaks only emboldens them to continue their ‘creeping sharia’.

  3. The Dutch won’t fund protection for Hirsi but they have no problem funding anything Koranic when demands for such things are made. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that Holland is now part of the ummah. Good thing the Allies died freeing this place from Nazi tyranny only to see it fall to an even worse one.

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