'We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women' update

It’s us who pay


UNEMPLOYED scrounger Mohammed Salim is getting the state to pay for him, his wife and their ELEVEN kids—because he can’t be bothered to go to work.

He quit his £27,000 job teaching maths and science three years ago and is BETTER OFF claiming £29,096 a year in benefits.

And he has much more time to devote to his Islamic political party— which ATTACKS the British government, even though this country gives his family their food, clothes and house for free.

Mohammed is also busy planning his TWELFTH baby with wife Noreen, 35, but has no plans to get a job.


” I hate condoms..”

He grinned: “For many years I worked in Derby as a teacher, earning £27,000 a year, and Noreen would be at home with the kids.

“I would come home at weekends. Then I moved back to work in Manchester and took a pay cut to £24,000. It was a load of c***.

“I was teaching at a college and I’d be up at 5.30am with the kids then have to go to work.

“I just couldn’t be a***d with sitting in traffic. I’d be sat in traffic for hours and I felt like I’d done a day’s work by the time I got there, I was so stressed.”

“It’s nice to be at home with the kids and for Noreen to have a hand.”

That’s a luxury most hard-working taxpayers who struggle to support their families can only dream about.

The family we’re all supporting live in a comfy five-bedroom house on a quiet street in Rochdale, Gtr Manchester. They get £19,000 a year Jobseeker’s Allowance, £6,600 Child Benefit, £2,496 free school meals and £1,000 Council Tax Relief.

They have a minibus to swan around in, two TVs and a computer, plus a garden full of brightly-coloured toys. Noreen has never worked since marrying Mohammed—who is her cousin—when she was 16.

She said: “I spend all day clearing up after the children. As soon as you pick up one pile of crisps or mop up drink, there’s another.”

As she sits on the sofa nursing their latest addition—an as yet unnamed two-week-old girl—Mohammed explains: “I can’t stand condoms.


“Long live Islam”

Now he spends his time running his political party, Islam Zinda Badd, whose name means ‘Long Live Islam’.

He said: “I set it up to protest about the war in Iraq and the NHS, and we want to show that all Muslims are not terrorists.

“We use the Koran for guidance. We are not radical”

We believe that we should look after each other, especially children and the elderly, and that wealth should be shared.

* Other peoples money. How cute…

“That is what is great about Britain. In Pakistan the government does not look after you like in England. The government here is so supportive.


* Perhaps it time to make an end to that, what say you?

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41 thoughts on “'We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women' update”

  1. the dhimmi tax being put to use I see. Send him and his wife back into the ruin they nurtured at the expense of Britains. The line from Terminator 2 “There is no hell but what we make” couldnt be applied any better to that fami…tribe

  2. I have no idea how it got past the muslim censors at the BBC, but a few days ago they
    reported that though muslims account for 10% of the births in Enland, they account
    for 30% of childen born with birth defects. The reason for this is cousin marriage, that
    is inbreeding.

  3. Ballad of Noreen and Mohamm’d

    Little ditty, about Noreen and Mohamm’d
    Two married cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm’d the teacher latched onto a plan
    Noreen pops out li’l jihadis just as fast as she can

    Got a five bedroom house in Greater Man
    Two tellies, computer, and a minivan
    Brightly coloured toys for the kids on the benefit scam
    They get their guidance from the “holy” Koran

    Dhimmies provide well for Noreen and Mohamm’d
    2 muslim cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm’d runs a Party called “Long Live Islam”
    To attack the system in the Dar al Harb-land

    (apology to John Mellencamp)

  4. Brilliant, Mullah Lodabullah! Do you know whether the former John Couger is a PC MoonBat? If so, do NOT apologize!

  5. “Noreen has never worked since marrying Mohammed” Shouldn’t that read: Noreen has never had a ‘legitimate’ job?

    At only 35 years old, she can churn out quite a few more yet!

    Let’s hope the bludger hasn’t got the Islamic harem of 4 breeders…um..sorry…wives.

    Yet another horror story from England.

    Why is her name Noreen? It is not a Muzzie name.

  6. This is one of their tactics – uncontrolled immigration/birthrates, then the demands… violence… more kids, more demands more violence their politicians pretend to control the violence then the next round of junk from these rats.

    From islam’s mouth, Algerian president Hourai Boumedienne stood at the General Assembly of the UN in 1974 and declared:

    ‘One day, millions of men will leave the southern Hemisphere (Africa) to burst into the northern one (Europe). But not as friends. They will burst in to conquer, they will conquer it by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us frmthe wombs of our women.’

    And the same thing will happen to us – don’t kid yourselves. It is their stated goal.

    (a good book – A Never Ending War by Michael Cappi)

  7. I’ve just realized the errors of my ways…. I need to quit wasting my life working for a living. Go and start sponging of the government, followed by getting myself 4 wives to bang (in every since of the word) away at whenever it pleases me or they displease me. And then do nothing all day except protest the unfair treatment I receive at those ungrateful taxpayers for not recognizing my superiority to their miserable Kafur hides. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT GIG TOO ME.

  8. The comments about the retards could be correct due,in that this is a first cousin marriage.The scrounging bastard should be castrated and his genitalia fed to the pigs!

  9. My advice to all English people is to give your land to Muslims and go somewhere. You have no choice other than this. You are afraid to be killed and you are afraid to say anything against Muslims. As you know, may be!, the world belongs to Allah and you have to give your land to the believers of Allah. Forget everything, Saudi is helping Mr. Brown and all British politicians with their money. If you need any help, go to Dodi’s father and beg him, please.

  10. Disgraceful!
    If we dig deeper, there may be many such examples even here in the United States. I have seen people merrily misusing the system. People have no feelings of guilt these days.

  11. Totally disgusting – thanks libs. I smell the potential of future homegrown terrorists and it stinks badly!

  12. The day will come in the UK when the choice is either total capitulation and surrender or empowerment of the BNP or similar party and a period of war that will save the nation.

    There won’t be a middle ground because the powers at large are ensuring nothing less can make the needed change. It’s a shame.

  13. Why are people who can work but refuse to do so allowed to stay on social benefits forever and a day? After 6 monhs at the most, kick them off all benefits or kick them out of the country if they were not born here. The more of these deadbeats we encourage, the more we will have to support.

  14. Is this the only large family in Britain on welfare? Let me see if I understand,Mr.Salim made 24000 working but gets 29000 for not working,who’s stupid here?check your history royal families have married relatives for a long time.If someone is or isn’t developmentally challenged has what bearing on your argument?I thought the Chinese are going to take over by outbreeding us.Break out the brown shirts,where is Mr.Mosley when you need him?There is an club in the U.S.A. you could join it’s called the clan(as long as yawl aint R.C. or Jewish or not like us colour wise that is)…

  15. Gramfan Says:
    February 12th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    “Is it just me or does one of those kids look intellectually disabled? I could be wrong.”

    No Gramfan. That is Lurch standing there in that photo!

  16. This is what you get when you let in scum/green slime into your country. They will use your welfare system to bankrupt you, your laws to gag criticism of Islam, and your decency to destroy your way of life. Fight for yourself, England (and Scotland, Wales). Don’t allow UK to become another Islamic hell hole. Vote BNP! Write/phone your MPs to change laws: No dole after 6 months or 1 year. No state child support for more than 2 kids. No more mosques and no more Muslim immigration. These guys are a cancer that is eating UK from within.

  17. wait wai wait…he was allowed to teach?
    nothing new here, we are to pollitically correct to do anything about this, can’t call him what he is. even after being published nothing will be done.
    there happy to have this artical, they are proud…
    it will take something drastic for the world to wake up to this threat. and by then it will be to late.

  18. If the English, French, Danish, German, and other European countries do not wake up and soon and kick these muslims OUT of their country, in a few years there will no longer be ANY European culture. Think about it:

    No English pubs with pints of ale
    No French Wines or Champagne
    No German Chocolates
    No Louve (they consider art harem)
    No European union. . .

    Do I need to go on?

    “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” – Thomas Sowe

    It was nice guys. . .but if you don’t wake up and fight for YOUR culture, it will soon be THEIR culture. . . look at Pakistan, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia. .

    You have so much to look forward to. . your women in veils, no more Christian Churches, no more libraries, no more ale, no more freedom of religion (islam will be forced), no more freedom of press or speech, no more ineffective parliament (maybe a good thing!), no more Art, no more political cartoons, no more cars (except for your muslim masters. . .everyone else will be riding donkeys just like in Afganistan. . . Regular bombings. . (look at the peace islam has brought to Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan etc. . ..thats your future. . .


    Paul Troon

  19. Funny, whilte reading the article re marrying cousins, I thought of the inbreeding and the birth defects. How come we know about it, and they do not.

  20. GOD! Just reading that makes me spitting mad! He uses honest people money to leech and live off because he DOESN’T LIKE F***ING CONDOMS!!!

  21. Bet those little basta**s all got free school uniforms too while we have to scrimp so our child can get the full uniform. This type of thing is what is making us the laughing stock of the world. Give the money to the OAPS who paid tax and insurance all their lives and send this lot back to where they came from if they hat us so much. Sponging basta**S!

  22. Sounds like what is happening in so many countries around the world. People from other countries coming in mass numbers and breeding like rats. Taking over through population explosion forcing their way on everone else.

  23. I am not surprised that this is happening. I am a Coptic Christian born and raised in Egypt. I know my history and I know how my country, the land of the greatest civilization ever been, was taken over by Arabs. It was the sword, rape and breeding. It is not just history, it is still happening everyday in Egypt and no one is helping us. It is a fate that our people have to endure, but we still there resisting and praying; prayer moves the hands of Him who moves the whole universe. Now I feel stranger, discriminated against and persecuted in the very country that once was my ancestors’. It is not hard to predict the future if u read history. This is real, it is not a joke. If England didnt act fast with the aid of Europe, the whole continent will fall to the teachings of Islam. Urge ur government to eradicate this growing cancer. Act now or never.

    First they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the Copts, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Copt.
    Then they came for the Persians, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Persian.
    Then they came for Constantinople, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t from Constantinople.
    Then they came for the British, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t British.
    Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

  24. Nothing new. We (Indians/Hindus) have been seeing these kind of things in our our backyard. Whenever there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan, these muslims invariably support pakistan, that too openly. In the last few decades, there has been numerous terrorist attacks against Hindus and none have been even condemned by even the moderate muslims. They are rapidly increasing there population in states controlled by anti-hindu parties (such as in states of West Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, etc). Whenever Hindus object to this population explosion, they are branded as communal or anti-secular.

    I am glad that most of the Hindu families in UK and USA are hard-workers and have atmost 2 kids, and most importantly are grateful to the local society for giving them chance to earn their living. Hope the Pakistanis/Muslims too learn from the Indians/Hindus.

  25. This scrounger is aware that we know not all muslims are terrorists. However just like the islamic teachings they are all two faced. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Also, if we take a look at most of the muslim population, most work in an industry where cash is used for payment of goods and services. They continue to behave like back home…stick out the hand and wait for someone else to pay. They do put the hours in, mainly where they can get way with as much as possible. The trouble is with this country. We tried to be friendly and generous and they took it as a sign of weekness. Now we all have to pay for those short sighted liberals and do gooders. Well Mr Powle was right and if you think i am racist, tough!! I want to be treated as an equal, get rid of bad rubbish and scroungers. What ever colour or nationality, I want my children to have a chance in this country..my country it’s not europe. Just one more thing….get out Gordan Brown you have no rights to that house in downing street. You are a liar and a traitor!! Also i want feel safe by displaying a Legitimate political party on my property BNP!! Not prosicuted or ignored when real racists destroy it due to the media saying that all BNP voters must be racist. Its ok to gerenalise then, but not with muslims……hypocrites!!!

  26. No Country should change any laws it has, or change it’s treatment of Nationals because nationals from another country say they should. They ask their own country to change it’s rules by having benefits and national health schemes and are told to shut up or shot. Why do they think we should treat them any different? Because we are civilised…Ha! We are civilised and they hang around and take the p*ss. Yet they leave a country that says no. You want to live here, take the good with the bad. We have we what we got because my Gandparents faught and died for this privalige. Like or GET OUT!!

  27. Mohammed, I wouldn’t work at a regular job if I didn’t have to either. I would love to be independently wealthy and volunteer my time 2 or 3 days a week assisting a charity, school, hospital etc to help the community. Alas I’m not independently wealthy so I work. I wouldn’t want to take a single taxpayer dollar if didn’t have to. You have given up a job which was helping in the community and are letting the people of Britain pay for your lifestyle choice. How dare you do so? You’re on a “jobseeker” allowance? Ha.. that should stop right away as you obviously have no intention of working.

    What sort of example is this setting for your children and community? It’s a disgrace. It would be a disgrace if you were Muslin, Catholic, Protestant or atheist. I don’t care if you’re black white or purple with green spots, you get off your backside and work for a living. If you can’t afford to have that many children then stop having so many. Many families restrict the number of children they have according to income, housing and other practicalities of life. So your family should too. Stop taking money from people who really NEED the help and don’t get it because benefits are being taken up by lazy gits like who soak them up. I’m sure there are many organisations in Britain who would be grateful of a cash injection of over 20,000 pounds a year. They are missing out because you and your family are bludging on society.

  28. A massage for Mohamed Shahid. If the muslims want my land you will have to take it from over my dead body. Sooner or later this country will suffer a civil war, and much like other countrys suffering the same. We will have cowards and fanatics running around with guns and blowing kids up. You muslims think you have come over here and escaped it….not a chance! It will happen over here and unlike our army who are told not too shoot unless fired upon, not too shoot into the crowds and who walk around giving medical assistance to people who have suffered injury from cowardly Militia. People in this country will kill anyone and you wont know who to trust or who will do it, because they wont warn you or wear a uniform either. Just like the cowards in your own country. The only benefits you will want then is Kevlar, Twaron or Dyneema fibres. Hows that for a future?

  29. Its about time the british people started to wake up and vote BNP.

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