Germany: Death of a Moroccan Thug

* A young German was attacked by a knife wielding Moroccan thug who tried to mug him, but the German defended himself and the mugger ended up dead on the sidewalk.

Usually its the other way around.

Here’s the story written by a 2 bleeding hearts who spin tales for the far left Spiegel:

Salih allegedly wanted to mug a 20-year-old German man, who tried to defend himself. But he panicked and pulled out a pocketknife that he plunged into Salih’s heart with an unlucky stab. Prosecutors said it was a clear case of self-defense, and there are witnesses. But none of that matters any longer.


Immigrants Protest Death of Moroccan Teenager in Cologne

By Barbara Schmid and Andreas Ulrich

Following the violent death of a Moroccan teenager in Cologne, hundreds of immigrants have taken to the streets in nightly demonstrations to protest what they see as evidence of their second-class status in Germany. Police warn the city could be ready to explode.

Every night last week, up to 300 protestors gathered at the spot where Salih died to demand “justice” instead of letting his killer walk free. They are protesting against “racism in Germany” — but since it appears clear that this case involves self-defense, it’s obviously about more than just the unfortunate Salih. It’s more about how immigrants and their children feel they are currently being treated in Germany.

* The Muhammadan rabble is treated very well in Germany and undeservedly so. Few of them ever integrate or assimilate and cause almost all of the violent crime. One wonders why anybody would waste sympathies on these aggressive invaders, but we are living in the age of stupid. The junkies don’t want to lose their suppliers…


We feel like second-class citizens,” says a middle-aged Moroccan man. “It will never stop, maybe it will even get worse,” adds a young man. A group of intimidating-looking youths chant: “Salih, Salih!” They want a different kind of justice. It sounds more like a call for revenge.


* Remember: Islam must dominate & not be dominated!

“Immigrants have to do their part as well, they have to give up their attitude of rejection and join society.”

* They can’t. Muhammadanism forbids it…

The wingeing & whining of the Muhammadan invaders and the Germans incomprehension of ‘failed immigration’

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3 thoughts on “Germany: Death of a Moroccan Thug”

  1. Shades of France. The Koranists are shifting from making special demands for prayer rooms and halal food to demanding infidels allow themselves to be killed without a peep-resist and you will bring about riots on behalf of the murderer. Murderers are victims and their victims are guilty and deserving of death-this is what Koranic principles say.

    And they wonder why there is “islamophobia”?

  2. Get out of XXXX Christian lands – you Demopn-worshipping GARBAGE!!!!

    The Germans should XXXXX you FILTH.

  3. Islamsforlosers is right… It’s just one of those “cultural” things. Their culture says they are superior, and they are supposed to slaughter us like animals for the glory of Allah. If you resist being the sacrifice, shame on you — it proves you are Islamophobic.

    So — are we in the West going to EVER grow a backbone and resist the onslaught? (Probably not, in the case of the EU states. The EU masterminds in Brussels are too far removed from the real-world effects of their utopian edicts.) That leaves the USA, Canada, and Australia to save civilization. George Bush and company are so far NOT doing anything to “preserve, protect and defend” America’s interests in this unacknowledged war of civilizations, but there’s an election coming up. Maybe we’ll make a good choice for the next President. But… maybe not.

    Which country is going to be first to stand up for reality and call a spade a spade? More precisely, who’s going to announce in public that Islam is incompatible with our way of life? We want so, so, very much to believe that all cultures have equal moral standing; and we want to believe that something about our “tolerance”, our “cultural diversity”, our “equality and justice”, will persuade those backward Islamic fundamentalists that Islam should be “modernized”.

    Uh, no: Islam rejects our democratic principles — “Islam” means “submission”, there’s no independent thinking allowed. Being Muslim means submission to whatever the current crop of Wahabbist religious zealots declare to be the will of Allah. Islam’s history is of recurring violence; it must eternally breed jihadists whose “struggle” is for the Caliphate. The Quran supports ANY TACTICS WHATEVER toward the goal of a world completely dominated by Islam. There is no mechanism –nothing, no way, no-how– for “moderate” Muslims to change, ignore, refute, or rewrite these basic tenets of their “Holy Book Which Is The Absolute Literal Word Of God For All Time”.

    By definition, if a Muslim would even consider changing or ignoring anything in the Quran, or any of the practices handed down from olden times, or any interpretations of the Law-As-Given-By-Allah-Through-His-Prophet, he is no longer “submitting” to Allah or the Ruler-Allah-Has-Appointed-Over-His-People. Any Muslim who questions or challenges or wants to change any interpretation of the Quran or Islamic law is an apostate; and under Sharia he should be killed and will most certainly go to Hell.

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