'Inner Strugglers' On The March In Copenhagen

‘Allah-bubu-snackbar, AK-47, wrap your balls in alu-foil and blow yourself to heaven,- 72 virgins, what’cher gonna do, if yer dick’s blown off, how yer gonna screw…?’

* Lyrics from Sheik yer’mami’s ‘My Allah is better..’

They been at it for 10 days now:

Part 1

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Part 2

Bunglawussy Support Group Watch:

Spotted where the ‘Islamophobia’ never ends:

Denmark’s media mount a provocation by reprinting Mohammed cartoons

* From the ‘World Socialist Website’ – where Stalin and Mao are not dead, they just look funny…
By Jordan Shilton

It is quite possible these protests could escalate. In this environment, it is to be expected that any protests will be used by the defenders of “free speech” to bolster their opinion that Muslims are fundamentally “intolerant” and “totalitarian” and that they threaten western democratic society. Thus the “freedom of the press” campaign will be used to promote the most reactionary of political ends.


Ah yes, there was a counter demonstration too:


Furdz From The Turdz :

Guess who’s joined Al Jazeera?

Guess who’s Al Jazeera’s new weekly specialist on the US elections?


One guess. Yep, Avi Lewis.

Wankers of the world, unite!

Favourite quote:

Asked if Al Jazeera Arabic’s reputation for airing terrorist propaganda played into his decision, Mr. Lewis said the question is “absolutely hilarious.”

“What’s the allegation? That Al Jazeera aired [Osama] bin Laden videos? So did CNN, FOX and everybody else,” he said. “I know that Al Jazeera is a favourite target of nationalist right-wingers in the United States, but as a journalist, I like to judge things on the evidence.”

You may remember Avi Lewis from such clips as “Cartoonishly Anti-American Host Interviews Ayan Hirsi-Ali”

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5 thoughts on “'Inner Strugglers' On The March In Copenhagen”

  1. The interviewer has all the cliches. Another mindless, muslim robot who the lefties are able to zone into. I read some of the comments by some of the lefties and all they could do is call Ayan Hirsi Ali names. they know nothing of her and just fall into lockstep with whatever the interviewer says.

    This does not say very well of our own who just follow the muslim propoganda and chose ignorance. it just seems so easy for them to just start spewing names against anyone who speaks against islam. And if they had a clue they would know that islam is about getting them just as dead, converted or subjugated as Ayan Hirsi Ali.

  2. Why didn’t the Danes throw things at those idiots from their windows? The street looks pretty narrow. Something horrible like slices of ham would do nicely.

  3. IFL, throwing bible tracts might have been more productive, but probably banned as a
    “hate crime”.

  4. Urban11, probably not. The Danes give them big, fat welfare checks. Welfare is their way of life – so they have plenty of time to hate, fester and create chaos.

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