Iran: Mullah's go apeshit over Wilders flick

* Yes, the mad mullah’s know what freedom of speech is all about:

Iran asks Netherlands not to permit insults against Holy Book

Iran’s Justice Ministry in a letter to his Dutch counterpart expressed concern over production of an insulting Movie against Glorious Qur’an in Netherlands and asked for stopping insults against entire holy books.

* Holy books? But Koranimals have only one, are there any others?



Gholam-Hossein Elham in his letter to Ernest Hirsch Balim added, “You can stop the process of this satanic and highly intriguing move resorting to articles in European Convention on Human Rights.” The Iranian Justice Minister further elaborating on extremely negative aftermaths of producing an insulting movie against the Holy Book of nearly two billion world Muslims under the pretext of safeguarding freedom of expression, wrote, “We, too, know and respect the freedom of expression, but insulting the sanctities and ethical values on that pretest is totally unacceptable.”

* No you don’t respect anything, you turd. There are no ‘2 billion Muslims’ and you should take your bullshit demands and get stuffed!

Elham reminded Balin of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, where it states, “...On this basis, observing freedom of expression, keeping in mind the responsibilities thereof, can be restricted in order to avoid the occurrence of chaotic social conditions, commuting crimes, safeguarding ethical values, or the others’ rights.”

* This is why freedom of expression is paramount and non negotiable. The fact that the EU has such a weasel-clause in its non-accepted constitution is an abomination.

Iran’s Justice Minister at the end of his letter to his Dutch counterpart considers the movie insulting against the most sacred sanctity of the world Muslims, a satanic move that can intrigue social unrest, and violating the rights of the entire world Muslims, asking for immediate halting of the blasphemous film’s production.


Get the f*kc out, mullah!

7 thoughts on “Iran: Mullah's go apeshit over Wilders flick”

  1. Has that Wilders film come out yet? One would think it’s been out for a while now given all the hoopla from the ummah about it.

  2. @ISLAMSFORLOSERS: No, the movie only comes out in March. I am having sooooooo much fun watching these muslim *ssholes protest something that they have not even seen yet. Shows that they know exactly what their unholy book of hate is all about! Go, Geert Wilders!

  3. Everyone should see “Fitna” by Geert Wilders. The movie exposes the mullahs in the act of preaching hate. No wonder they are embarassed by this film! The verses the mad mullahs quote in “Fitna” come straight from the Koran. There is no commentary except for the last minute where Wilders asks the mullahs to remove the violent verses and asks Europeans if it’s time to reevaluate immigration.

    The mullahs are the problem behind terrorism. They are the source of ALL the terrorism. They need to do destroy all freedoms (especially freedom of expression) so that, uncriticised, they can use their mobs of brain-dead killer zombies to foist their supremacist cult on an unsuspecting world.

  4. no one belive anthing inthis life is ala islam is the correct way to live ur life
    loo to the bible and see if it’s give u a meaning of life just drink alchool and blood
    but islam refused that and it say it’s haram mean “inviolable”
    so don’t think bad about islam and think twic :
    1-of ur life where did u spend it
    2-how u r going to meet ur god in the day of death

    be muslim or die as a unbeliever


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