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Truthfully reported by Mullah Dadullah: ‘would I lie to you?’

The awful situation in Chad:

Thousands flee fighting in Chad


Government troops (Moslems)


Dead Moslems

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Gazans celebrate suicide bombing in Israel with flowers and candy


Celebrating murder:

Celebrating death. And a group affiliated with peace-loving Fatah, on which Bush and Rice have placed such hope, has claimed responsibility. Abbas denounced the attack, but this is yet another indication that he cannot control his people and cannot enforce any peace agreement.

“First suicide bombing in Israel in year,” by Yaniv Zohar for Associated Press



Watch a suicide bomber get shot on video…


Former Pakistani generals: “the war for the independence of Kashmir cannot be won without jihad”

* Indepencence’ of course will never happen. Just like democracy under sharia can never happen. Just like the soldiers of Allah are not ‘freedom fighters’- because there is no freedom under Islam. The slaves of Allah are commanded to kill and die to enslave the world and make everybody submit to the teachings of their perverted prophet. In the worst case scenario Pakistan would win a war against India and annex the ‘disputed’ territory. But India will not let that happen.

Robert Spencer makes an interesting point:

Many times, as I travel around the country and give talks about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, I encounter people who tell me that what I am characterizing as jihad struggles around the world are actually simple nationalist struggles for self-determination. And that is, indeed, the conventional wisdom — witness the mainstream media’s consistent designation of jihadists in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kashmir and elsewhere as “insurgents,” “militants,” and the like. Never “jihadists.” The conventional wisdom is that Islam has nothing to do with any of those conflicts. This story is a tough one for that conventional wisdom, for it frames the Kashmir nationalist struggle within the context of jihad, thus indicating that these Pakistani generals do not believe that the two are the same thing, and don’t think that their audience confuses the two, either.

Former Pakistani Generals: Kashmir’s War of independence Cannot Be Won Without Jihad,” from the MEMRI Blog


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The long Jihad against India 

Pamela went to see Dr. Babu Suseefan speak at The Truth Forum. He discussed Islam’s continued threat to world peace from a Hindu perspective. He recounted the history of mass slaughter of Hindus, Sikhs and implored the West to join together – Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, all people to battle the enormous Islamic threat. How does he know? Go here 


Dr.Babu Suseelan  

The obsession of Muslims to take over India by the Islamic sword is nothing new 


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  1. Israel must be doing something right if these idiots have to celebrate this sort of thing-the wall is making this sort of thing less commonplace.

    And that’s why the West objects.

  2. And once again we see countries going to help muslims slaughter more non-muslims. As we saw in Bosnia/Kosovo and elsewhere.

    I wonder how they will react when that happens to them down the road?

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