Jihadists, Islamists, and "Extremists" – what's in a name?

“We got it all wrong”

By Jeffrey Imm

Another U.S. threat assessment has been issued that refuses to identify the enemy threatening us, and instead defines the enemy only as “extremists”. Today’s annual threat assessment from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) fails to use the terms “Jihad”, “Jihadist”, “Islamism”, or “Islamist” in identifying the enemy. The question must be asked how the U.S. can meaningfully assess threats, if it can’t even identify the enemy. The term “radical Islamic” (used twice) and “militant Islamic” (used once) is the only term close to “Islamist”, and such terms as “radical” and “militant” have very different meanings to different people. Predominantly, when describing the enemy, the DNI annual assessment today uses the term “extremist(s)” (used 18 times) or “extremism” (used twice). In effect, the DNI views that America is fighting a war against “extremism”.

This follows last week’s State of the Union message where the term “extremist” was the primary definition of the enemy, with the term extremism, extremist(s) used nine times in defining the enemy (see recent columns on this by Counterterrorism Blog’s Andrew Cochran and by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy). Our national leadership continues to ignore political “Islamism” as defined in the 9/11 Commission report, and refuses to make the distinction, as per Dr. Jasser, between “personal spiritual Islam from political Islam”, but instead addresses threats from ambiguously defined “extremists” as its primary concern.



We must defeat Islamofascism

That Huckabee thing…


Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gestures while speaking at the TriCities regional Airport in Blountville, Tennessee.

We shouldn’t engage in impromptu diplomacy based on a misplaced sense of “empathy.” That’s why I am concerned about Sen. Obama’s suggestion.

I don’t want to hear the “concerns” of terrorist states – but I do want them to hear me.

I want everyone in the Middle East to know that America is committed to its strategic interests in the region, including a safe and secure Israel.




Stephen Coughlin will be retained by the Defense Department!

Good News! But….

By Andrew Bostom


Hesham Islam’s Invitations Contradicted U.S. Policy

Terrorism expert Steven Emerson on the deplorable state of homeland security, infiltration and the pigsty that allowed infil-traitors like Hesham with dodgy history and ulterior motives to subvert & sabotage homeland security and effective policy



Spencer: Candidates Accused of ‘Linking Islam with Terrorism’


* Well, somebody somewhere better start connecting the dots and start linking, otherwise history will not link us kindly…

Last week, a reporter of the Kuwait News Agency accused Sen. John McCain and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee of “linking Islam with terrorism as a tool to scare up support among US voters, an election style experts describe as ‘shameful.” But in her story, Heather Yamour invokes only one “expert” — a Far-Left professor. (Juan Coles, don’t laugh!)



UK: Islamic preacher “recruited terrorists for Iraq” and said Islam was a “religion of terrorism”

* Yeah! He also wanted ‘to drink the blood of the enemy’- that’s us, ‘the enemy’- in case you’re wondering where your taxmoney goes…


“Religion of terrorism”? Oh Trevor, you Islamophobe

Let it be remembered exactly how Trevor Brooks, aka Omar Brooks, aka Abu Izzadeen actually “heckled” the Home Secretary. He said, “John Reid should not come to a Muslim area, we do not want to see him.” One wonders if he would even accept the proposition that John Reid and the government he represented had any authority over that “Muslim area.”

“Islamic preacher ‘recruited terrorists for Iraq,'”

by Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph


8 thoughts on “Jihadists, Islamists, and "Extremists" – what's in a name?”

  1. We know full well that Islam is a religion of terrorism, based on its “holy” koran. Bush,
    Blair, Brown and co have access to secret herbs and spices that magically transform it
    into a religion of peace, and nothing (short of a nuclear explosion) can shake their
    self-induced delusions.

  2. The UK Govt is eliminating terms like “Islamic terrorists” in favour of criminals, thugs etc.

    Will they airbrush other terms, like “extreme right”, when referring to events (in the UK)
    like the attack on Muslim graves in Graz, Austria? Or will there be a double standard?

    Austria: Vandals destroy dozens of Muslim graves in southern city of Graz

  3. Mike Huckabee is wrong.

    You won’t get peace and security in the Middle East until you get rid of Islam. Ban Islam, make it illegal, and only THEN will the middle east be worth fighting for.

  4. * Candidates Accused of ‘Linking Islam with Terrorism’

    A bit like being accused of linking sunrise with Earth’s rotation.

  5. Read down to the last third of this one by Amil Imani:

    Religion is Fire

    * Islam is out of control fire and the jihadists are its arsonists.

    * Warning to free men and women: remain a spectator at your own peril. It is imperative that you take a stand and do your part at falsifying the fraud of Islam and do all you can to prevent the Islamic fire from devouring our civilized democratic secular system.

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