Khalifah needs Fuhrer: Kufar need not apply!


*  If this doesn’t crack you up, what does? The ummah needs a Fuhrer, one who leads the soldiers of Allah to victory over unbelievers and Jews,  so they can make us all slaves of Allah, take a look:


But perhaps they’re onto something: Willie Clitman might just be the man for the job: 


3 thoughts on “Khalifah needs Fuhrer: Kufar need not apply!”

  1. If Hitler were around today I wonder if he would have converted. So many wonderful ideas shared by him and his Koranist buddies.

  2. heroyalwhyness-

    Pretty sobering stuff. Hitler certainly was an Islamaniac in spirit even though he had no use for any religion. Of course had he won WW2 he would have wiped out the less than Aryan looking Arabs too-ironic, since so many revere him today for his bloody work regarding Jews.

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